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4dos 8.00

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TXT Build Version 7. Still looking for this files! A new version of Take Command extends the original Tabbed Command Interface, expanded with 44dos windows to allow input to be composed, to graphically navigate directories and files, and extra features.

4dos 8.00

I have listed all 4DOS versions I got or know of. It really makes command line work a breeze.

4dos 8.00

Build — 21 December The list of changes below will give you an idea of the intensity of work done on 4DOS. A driver that supports wheel is needed, e. I knew all the WordPerfect keyboard shortcuts by heart, and spend days and nights on end playing games like Wolfenstein 3D and Dune II.


The Return Of 4DOS !

Results 1—1 of 1 1. There were commercial versions only, so I cannot provide a link here. Search Engines Contact me. From my online research I conclude that it was written by Fokke Post, copyright c by C.

Latest Revision, downloadable Still looking for this files! Happy, uncomplicated PC days! Rex Conn started writing 4DOS in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This program allowed one to attach thereby reducing screen 8.0 and detach tabbed consoles to a single window.

Build — 13 December Development on this line stopped with the corresponding text mode versions.

A thorough and extensive help system is instantly accessible 4sos assist you at any time. It is freeware since Here you’ll find what’s new on my site and which batches, links and other material I’ve found recently.

– Klaus Meinhard’s Homepage: Index Page

Sometimes reluctantly, for others happily, the DOS world knew their time was up. Build — 18 January Top of Page – Home. Build — 24 December Improved command-line editing, filename completion, command history, aliases, improved wildcards, online help, internal variables, swapping to disk or EMSfile descriptions, command separator, key stacker.


For a middle-aged IT guy with fond memories of the eighties, how sweet is that?!? It also has a lower learning 4doa than Powershell.

EXE patched on each build. Build — 19 December There’s still a chance this might become open source one day. Versions 3 – 5 had a utility disk included with 3rd party free- or shareware tools. Please see the Updates page first.