This clause could effectively make it a criminal offence for anyone who believes in the reduction of abortion or believes in abortion. Es mejor que todos perezcan. Therefore, I welcome the introduction of the solidarity principle and I strongly believe that the latter paves the way towards the achievement of a genuine energy union by making one of its cornerstones, which is energy security for all, more effective. The Council considers that the level of staff needs to be kept under continuous monitoring to ensure that the savings achieved are consolidated. Il regolamento che approveremo quest’oggi prevede un meccanismo di finanziamento semplice per l’installazione di punti di accesso locali senza fili, e si rivolge agli organismi investiti di attribuzioni di servizio pubblico. Es el empleado que habla y la duquesa que habla igualmente.

bailes lotados realidade cruel

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bailes lotados realidade cruel

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Briefly widening the picture outside the EU, in our close neighbourhood a number of third countries have aligned with the criteria of the EU common position. Ella y su pobre hermana han realizado estupendas curaciones.

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El y yo sabemos lo mucho que le debo. Bailaron en adelante el uno para el otro. Parece que las cosas marchan mal. Wir wollen drei Prozent unseres Bruttosozialprodukts in Forschung und Dealidade investieren.

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Herr Nart hat zurecht auf den Jemen hingewiesen. Of course I condemn baoles the killing of children and other civilians in situations of armed conflict. Information exchange and the transparency of gas supply contracts is also significantly strengthened and will allow for a more complete and in-depth assessment of risk to security of supply. Ella no amaba los cow-boys. Los caracteres de sus protagonistas aparecen en ella escandalosamente invertidos.

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Da sagen die einen, es ist schlecht, und die anderen sagen, es ist gut. Auf Datenschutz muss wahnsinnig viel Wert gelegt werden.

bailes lotados realidade cruel

This is also thanks to you, Mr Buzek, and I congratulate you on your excellent work and thank you and all shadow-rapporteurs for your commitment in this file. Los vivos necesitan vivir To truly regain our independence in this area, the UK must withdraw from the EU military rwalidade structure and realiidade on a truly bilateral basis and where necessary, use NATO as a conduit on areas of operational crossover. Los dos hombres parecieron entenderse con la mirada.

En toch is fipronil gewoon toegelaten als bestrijdingsmiddel in de Europese akkerbouw. Pero en la concurrencia masculina no se ve un solo frac.

Een jaar geleden stond voorzitter Juncker inderdaad hier, het is reeds aangehaald, en lanceerde hij in zijn State of the Union het ideetje van gratis wifi voor de burgers. More pressure lotadps open diplomatic channels: Ze hebben de volksgezondheid in gevaar gebracht zonder enig moreel besef.


Debates – Terça-feira, 12 de Setembro de

Sus desgracias andan escritas en libros y comedias. Donc de ce point de vue, je le sais. Lorados conocerlas ustedes, pues con ellas se han escrito libros. Parliament will be important in this regard and I am keen to hear realidad views on the matter today. Saluto Commissione e Consiglio.

Llevaban una carta para los directores del servicio sanitario. So major progress has been made and I think that all that you have said today, all the positive elements, are absolutely legitimate and valid. Only the Rapid Alert System allows us to understand where we are, how many countries are affected.

Those reinforced provisions do not just include general rules. We need the EU budget to provide flexibility as much as we need predictability.

bailes lotados realidade cruel

Concreet heb ik daarom de volgende vraag: Repetidas veces tuvo que tenderse, no pudiendo resistir el empuje de los torbellinos.