Karate Kid Remix EP. Who Wants To Rock. Bass in Your Face. Nemo , Spenda C. Wulf , Gutz , Mr Traumatik. Return Of The Future.

charlie traplin puff with the phillys

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FaustixSplitbreedTut Tut Child.

Get Trapped Vol. 2- ‘Where’d You Find This’ by s.A.m | S A M | Free Listening on SoundCloud

ChadSnappy JitJammin Joe. DrbblzTovrLauren Stone. TwineDion Timmer. Lord of the Mics VI. Team Rush HourThe Rise. Harmonica Boy Dance With Somebody. Front 2tha Back – Remixes.

Balance Mixed By Radio Slave. This is Detroit EP. DJ FixxSmookie Illson.

Best Of Hip-Hop / R&B – Releases – Beatport Top Tracker

ShigetoIan Finkelstein. Look Like You Love It. Slaine Look into these eyeballs You can see there’s fireballs Spi… Madonna Get up on the dance floor, everything is groovin’ Get up… Mariah Carey Woo pufff, ugh hey, do the thing! Mystikal Woo woo, ugh hey, do the thing!


charlie traplin puff with the phillys

InkswelCharli JamesInskwel. Snoop] You in the War Zone Ha ha, yeah, uhh.

charlie traplin puff with the phillys

Well let me introduce myself A young go getter mind locked… W. It Ain’t Safe feat.

Best Of 2015 Hip-Hop / R&B – Releases

Gold TopCorporate. Want to watch more videos for this song? Revolution Rising Volume 2. CityStalking GiaMadsoniktwoton. WulfGutzMr Traumatik. Mad LionM.

Pressurize The Cabin EP. NoyJordan James. Ill At Will Music. SubmerseArchie PelagoSinerise.

charlie traplin puff with the phillys

Alix PerezForeign BeggarsEprom. We need your help! CooneBassjackersYellow Claw.

Bring The Fire EP. New Trinity Music Group. Bass in Your Face. Please select a valid image file.