I was wrong, the Feature Navigator is publicly accessible here: The newer – and sightly more expensive – Cisco also does not support IPv6. A is about the same. Download Documentation Community Marketplace Academy. You cannot control the config flags in prefix advertisement broadcasts sent from the device. Only the is supported, it has 6 Port Adapters PA slots.

cisco 2600 ios 12.4t

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Cisco Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4(4)T Release Notes

At this moment, it is not possible to emulate Catalyst switches with Dynamip. This settings will help Dynamips to consume less CPU. We recommend Mainline over Technology train if you are fisco on stability without the need of new features.

cisco 2600 ios 12.4t

This router series is still getting new IOS January 11, All of the newer devices, provide IPv6 support in the base license set. June 08, Here are cisci major differences: The performance limitations apply to all series routers.

Re: Is there any version of IOS that supports IPv6 for Cisco routers?

If you contact a reputable vendor they may be willing to sell you 12.t4 damaged unit bent chassis, broken faceplate, bad port, bad expansion slot, etc at a discount. Read times pbrutsch Newbie Posts: What licence level do you need to be able to do ipv6ip tunnels?


You can buy extra ram and flash on ebay for a reasonable price. If you are going to put This clsco supported in 9 code and later.

cisco 2600 ios 12.4t

No tunneling of any kind aside from VPN. However, that does NOT include firewall support. Minimum memory The minimum RAM is the amount of memory needed for IOS to work at maximum capacity with most feature uos and activated.

cisco 2600 ios 12.4t

Use the XM image. I was wrong, the Feature Navigator is publicly accessible here: You will need to add the SEC license for that. Someone wanna pin this to the top?

Here’s another reason to go with IOS I had lots of cksco IPv6 connectivity problems with devices on my LAN running anything older than Note that the latest and greatest IPv6 features are in 9.

Oh, and keep in mind that they will struggle with internet connections faster than 8Mbit. The feature set you are disco to use is determined by the license codes you apply to the router. The c supports up to 4 Network Modules maximum of 16 Ethernet ports, 32 FastEthernet ports or 16 serial ports. All ASAs run at least 7.


Cisco IOS images for Dynamips – GNS3

No DHCPv6 support of any kind. The following are similar in horsepower: Welcome to Hurricane Electric’s Tunnelbroker. If you are going to run This is due to the impossibility to emulate ASIC processors used in those type of devices. I have not tested that configuration. If you use separate routed interfaces Eg, Vlan1 and Dot11Radio0.