If you like Psychurgy, you may also like:. But which end up leaving the rest of us rather indifferent. Wurzelwerk go to album. Streaming and Download help. The music sounds like it was composed to pull down mountains, but there are still stick-in-your-head melodic hooks, like the mournful figure that weaves through the track “Serpents and Fire. The balance once again between melody and anger is a fragile result that the band manages to achieve and keep throughout the whole album.

crown psychurgy

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crown psychurgy

A healthy walk off the beaten path would have made Psychurgy a much more interesting album, but I can assure you, this record is still an enjoyable listen.

Bleak and beautiful all at once It feels deeply moving to me. Smart club music from across the U. The music is a mix of doom, industrial, and drone that ccrown be perfectly at home on a playlist with Jesu.

The Sludgelord: CROWN – PSYCHURGY – Album Review

If your workout routine involves slowly and methodically punching boulders into pieces, then Crown has the playlist for you.

All proceeds go to nonprofits doing direct aid. The vocals are often treated with different electronic criwn, adding a nice bit of variety, although in a couple of places, I found the vocal effects to be a bit too heavy-handed. Cult of Luna return with another collection of epic, sky-scraping post-metal.


Jordan Healey psychkrgy to album. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 10, The band’s two members are both guitarists, leaving the drumming to a capably programmed drum machine, but the real draw is the melodic-yet-glacial melodies they create. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 10, go to album.

But which end up leaving the rest of us rather indifferent. If you like Psychurgy, you may also like:. Yours truly would be rather happy and intrigued to see them live, where they can dilute their sound, take their time, slow it a bit and tune it down until we all see what CROWN really is all about.

crown psychurgy

The songs have such complex arrangements and a mix of styles that I’ve personally heard on a very few albums. Psychurgy is surely a step forward in terms of sound and composition: Or browse results titled:. Tags croen death doom extreme metal thrash Wallingford.

A Dawn to Fear by Cult of Luna. Streaming and Download help.

Metal Bandcamp: Crown – Psychurgy

Wurzelwerk go to album. Purchasable with gift card.

June 19, Crown – Psychurgy. Great opening for a great Album and a perfect Band! Contact Candlelight Records UK.

CROWN – Psychurgy Review

Newer Post Older Post Home. The Other Sight by Grown Below. Streaming and Download help. Expecting a proper evolution in the space of just a few months would have been unfair and ethically wrong, and for this reason the duo from Colmar, Alsace a land perennially hanging in the balance between two cultures keeps on working on what had made The One a psychurhy debut without revolutionising its principles.


An ctown shame that this band has split up, but they have without doubt left a milestone of modern metal. Tags metal doom metal sludge progressive Colmar.

crown psychurgy

If you like Psychurgy, you may also like: The otherwise excellent track “We Will Crush the Open Sky” gets off to a rocky start with vocals that are so flattened and altered that they sound a bit like Stephen Hawking’s vocal synthesizer, but this is a rare misstep on an otherwise fantastic album. I’ll climax when it’s pressed on vinyl Josh Railsback go to album.

I’ll climax when it’s pressed crwon vinyl Josh Railsback.