Posted September 16, Register a new account. Thus, of course, should also be clear that your investments, whether money or anticipation going, never lost. Steam wanted to close a lot of cs go and dota2 gambling sites and some still online, just with some changes It’s a vicious circle. The time has come?

cyperia metin2 p server

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Now stop pissing your pants and just continue as usual, not that big of a deal.

cyperia metin2 p server

Steam wanted to close a lot of cs go and dota2 gambling sites and some still online, just with some changes Gameforge starts to close Private Servers? It will be before the evening tomorow!

It may also be that it is shifted by 7 days. They’re playing with fire, in my humble opinion.

[Private Servers] What happens? – General – metin2dev

A real takedown wouldve worked a little different. Sign in Already have an account? The start will only be moved a couple of days. But we have good news. And what if somebody makes another game with this shitty engine? The project Shiro3 is not canceled.


cyperia metin2 p server

Sign up for a new account in our community. We are metinimus we are legion etc.

These measures are not even remotely a threat. They can’t do shit. They know it, and that’s why they did nothing so far.

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Ninja auf Cyperia ( P server )

GF made just some reports to cloudflare and they disabled the ns or something like that. You need us as a community some understanding bring to, because we’re not talking about a DDoS or hacker attack, but of something far worse. Already have an account? Private server from germany need to be hosted on some offshore country now. They wouldve just been fucked like this if they ignored all the DMCA takedown ssrver.

It’s a vicious circle. Register a new account.

cyperia metin2 p server

It could be that we start this weekend. These communitys have so much pservers worldwide, they can’t ban all of them.


Ninja auf Cyperia ( P server )

Widespread no rumors and tolerated you today. Hello Community, as you know, our serverstart was moved on to an in definite time because of legal problems.

Photo from me discussion between me and an owner who is in that list, one of the largest. Posted September 16, I servr to mention again that you should please stay calm here.

Just replace some models, maps and edit the quest’s and the npc names and that’s it gf still can’t do shit. Don’t use metin2 name anymore guys, find another name for your server, make your server don’t look with metin2.