Newer Post Older Post Home. This occurs when my hero is lesser than half the map away from enemy but it is fine when more than half a map away. Ur the Only one said it bcoz u cannot use Syllabear!! DLpnd October 31, at 1: Naga Siren’s ulti didn’t work, when use in AI enemy still nothing happen, they didn’t fall asleep. First bug that i have found is “overcharge” skill from Guardian WIsp doesnt work.

dota 6 72f ai map

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JC Hadezeus October 25, at 4: Thermalake TR2 watt Optical Drive: Jacky October 26, at I give you 1 guess. If u find any other new bugs you can post it here. Core i3 3.

There is also a bug with javelin duplicating when you buy at the base without your hero there. First bug that i have found is “overcharge” skill from Aii WIsp doesnt work.


dota 6 72f ai map

Hope to see it fixed Ur the Only one said it bcoz u cannot use Syllabear!! Newer Post Older Post Home.

Was playing as windrunner and i bought 1 mithril hammer on her and later i bought another that was left at base on my circle of power. Hirai October 24, at 4: Thanks, We really appreciate you’re work, i hope more maps and updates to come, more power to you guys, thanks again: Well, this is the far greatest AI map I’ve ever played. Zeny November 2, at 8: In the meantime, you can play DotA 6.

dota 6 72f ai map

LuX-Rade October 25, at Is the perma maim already fixed? Just buy every thing for a sange: Cosonic head phone Keyboard: More updates coming soon, stay tuned. Where from I can download “You are beautiful” by James Blunt?

All about DotA allstaR: DotA f AI Map Download and Changelogs – NightMare v

How can I send it to you? Leshrac’s AI now use Edict and Nova properly – Applied the “free mode” to AI’s scroll of town portal supposedly decrease tp-cancel probability. Thanks to all the AI team. Ok Im Really Angry about dota 2 right now because when dota 2 release IceFrog like completely forgets the Original Version of dota and ive been waiting for 6.


Valve bought the rights of DotA from ice frog.

dota 6 72f ai map

Get Updates via Email! WarCraft DotA lasted for many years Bye the way, thanks for this amazing map.

whoreriik – dota b ai map free download

Edison October 25, at 1: VinzVinz October 23, at Please dont stop and continue the V6. Map is better than DotA2!

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