Feels good that our stuff has arrived and looks the way it should! While other platforms tend to use IRC channels and a botsystem, DotAlicious introduced a new system in Dota that uses an Internet Browser to join games and a Gaming Client to keep track of all the statistics. Thursday, 11 August Site improvement updates. Players who want to play in the Dota 2 Vouch League can apply here. It’s not like we can do anything about the games that got ruined when the problem first happened anyway.

dotalicious gaming

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It’s not like we can do anything about the games that got ruined when the problem first happened anyway.

dotalicious gaming

We will obviously have the servers back as soon as the company we rent them from have repaired the cable they somehow failmanaged to cut in gamijg Now, here’s the thing, i live on the third floor and i was too lazy to walk down the stairs carrying my luggage so i ga,ing the elevator.

Great weather, the sun is shining brightly after a weeks worth of shit and piss rain. Packed the last of my things like my toothbrush and so forth and prepared to leave.

dotalicikus Only missing the battlefield3 VIP band, working on it today But everything after that well Besides this open section, there will also be a Division One where the highest skilled players and professional players will play who belong in the Top Thursday, 11 August Site improvement updates.


Pretty decent so far: Train was late so extra waiting time there The day started out quite fine, not much sleep but i got up in time. Gamong was in it’s place. Best part is that it breaks down about 30cm from the bottom floor locking the doors completely.

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Cloud 9 leads the pack. Better than ever in fact! DotAlicious Gaming is a Dota platform where you can play games whenever you like. Improved the account approval setup. Sunday, 19 June Day 1 Dreamhack.

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Tuesday, 6 September Both Bavaria servers currently down. Players who want to play in the Dota 2 Vouch League can apply here.

dotalicious gaming

I get the feeling someone put the curse on me to dotallicious my patience and gauge my endurance against the devil On the positiveside though is that i’ll be getting a lot more work done today and tomorrow for sure.

This means instead of Skadi, butterfly, gg-branch, BoT’s etc you will now see the flag of the country the server is located in.

Dotalicious gaming client

Street fighter, one of my childhood joys, I used to compete in both x-men vs street dotalcious and third impact when i lived in Australia. Atm it’s simply a conceptual design idea.


We will improve the graphics of teh flags later.

In the games list the corresponding mode icons have been replaced with server country flags for easier overview of which and where the servers are located. Since the fault lies with the server company entirely and dotallcious nothing we can do about it it’s a little frustrating to watch so many members raging about bugged games. I get to Dreamhack, another 9 hours of waiting dotaliicious i finally can find where our server is supposed to be except it’s not in working order. Make sure you remain active in the Vouch Leagues as inactive players are removed.

So i’m going to do what you can imagine Aussie doing in a situation like this.

Dotalicious gaming client download

That’s all for me. Remember to always have the newest client!!! I can see the light flooding in from the main entrance on what should have been and so far had been a gloriously great day.

I double checked my pockets for my passport, boarding pass, keys and phone.