As a small variation on the already excellent panel, I have put my RealityXP gauges to work. Thanks to Munro, I think it works I now have V1,Vr,V2 and stall speeds that varies with fuel weight and flap settings. Wed Jan 30, 6: Easy on frame rates. If not, I will continue with it with the Lear provision even if it is a bit Heritic. Is there any possibility to get such data? This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x

eaglesoft cj1 v2

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eaglesoft cj1 v2

Eaglesoft CJ1 – retrofit. Great aircraft, fun to fly, fast, powerful and sexy! If so what do you think of them? Because of this “broken toggle,” gauge developers had to create a means of repeatedly sending the “engine start command All times are GMT Posted October 5, Flight Simulation’s Premier Resource!

The waypoints in FSBuild are normal and make sense.

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However, this issue is not unique to the Eaglesoft Citation X. How does she fly compared to the CX? This is one bad boy when it comes to the small jet arena!

Just feedback, to be used or abused. Simviation Forums Simviation’s new forums. Sometimes they will crank up if you turn the battery off while spooling up. Seems the double Garmin is already done When we did the CitationX there was a eaglesoff of Refspeeds at different weights and flap settings.


ccj1 I am eagerly awaiting this retrofit. Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. And as key mapping was added to the CX, again you know it’s important to your customers and it would have been far better to release with key maps included.

eaglesoft cj1 v2

The only two Exec. If I manually enter the trip into their FMS all works well.

Fsbuild-2 Flight Planner

I can still live with it until the birth of the new version X from Eaglesoft, especially with the promised eaglssoft features. You are welcome to register in our forums as well.

eaglesoft cj1 v2

Interested from anyone who installes that can comment on performance vs other jets like the NGX, as far as if it performs better, same, or is heavier on FPS. Well, I eaglesort just made one for you too, but that wasn’t the point Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.

Hopefully this will help you out. Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. Gonna get me this bird whem I get home this evening. Join Date Mar Posts 2, For some reason the waypoints are thousands of miles apart when Eaglesofy use the Flight Plan. I don’t dispute that it’s a very important feature and should be added to make the simulation more complete.


Eaglesoft and their supposed new Citation X ? – Page 2

General discussion about payware add-ons. By this time they also find out that there’s a small Cessna behind them, and two men trying to prevent the Cessna from taking off vertically because of the thrust from the Citations engines.

Erik, Great work as usual. It was pretty cold so they ran the engines up a bit while parked, but the gust lock had been incorrectly removed, so they couldnt throttle down, only up, And the gust lock can’t removed unless the throttles are at idle.