Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Allan Tavies map Clerics and Paladins: Added 3 islands in center of lava lake. Without knowing how or why the dragon oracle arrived in their world, many Norrathians view Lady Lendiniara as a threat, while others interpret her arrival to mean the end of times is near. Labeled floors to match quest write ups on Allahkazam. Notice the grand total?

everquest cotf maps

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This situation has gone unresolved, however, and creatures of the Ethernere evrrquest initially appeared due to the time ripples caused by Lady Lendiniara ‘s appearance have managed to breach the Qeynos Hills and the city of Qeynositself. For details about raiding, see our raiding article: Ton of work on this zone.

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Again, armor upgrades in the Bazaar, this fotf from Veil of Alaris tier 1. Cleaned up and colorized different levels. The fourth update was officially announced in mapw post by the Producer as bringing about the final zone: What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. Added ground spawn for Old Silver Coin.


This is also a very good zone for high value vendor trash drops. Remapped entire zone from scratch. Skyshrine — Redid large portions of zone.

What to Do and When

Added all NPCs while I was at it. Sewers of Nihilia, Pool of Sludge — redid map. Cleaned up 2nd floors, guard towers, house on dock, and more. You need to be level 15 to get this. Plane of Valor — Ton of cleanup. What’s new on zoywiki.

everquest cotf maps

The items in the legend will differ based on zone e. RSS AC augs, for tanks. Thurgadin — Redid portions of zone.

Content is available under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. A new set of maps that should appeal to a wide spectrum of players. Colorized the different levels.

everquest cotf maps

As part of the Call of the Forsaken expansion, Wizards and Druids can also purchase a Guidestone from this vendor used to set a tertiary bind location.

If you are having problems creating articles please contact drinal. Looking for people to help edit and update articles.


everquest cotf maps

The Plane of Hate v2 — Massive cleanup on colors. Yesterday, while I was playing, someone in general chat asked what the largest zone in EverQuest was.

Software – Good’s EverQuest Map Pack | RedGuides: EverQuest Multi-boxing Community

It’s the map pack I recommend on my website to people too. A great example of this would be for Sanctus Seru, one of the legend items says: The partisan quests in Feerrott the Dream and House of Thule Lower give a good set of augments for Heroic Characters only, unfortunately.

Umbral Plains — redid caves.

The quest rewards a small amount of money, a choice of waist, back or shoulder items Defiantand a reasonably large amount of experience. Clearly show icy areas on ramps. Ring of Scale maps: