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Goldfarb, Molecular level processes and nanostructure evolution during the formation of the cubic mesoporous material KIT-6, Chemistry of Materials 20 A.

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Datta, inscriee 2 ‘-pyridyl benzimidazole as a fluorescent probe for monitoring protein-surfactant interaction, Chemical Physics Letters M. Moulik, Physicochemical studies on the interaction of gelatin with incriere surfactants alkyltrimethylammonium bromides ATABs with Special Focus on the behavior of the hexadecyl homologue, Journal of Physical Chemistry B J.

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Cerinte minimale invatamant prescolar. Angelescu, Cosima Stubenrauch Phase diagrams of non-ionic microemulsions containing reducing agents and metal salts as bases for the synthesis of bimetallic nanoparticles Colloids and Surfaces A: Yuan, Characterization of the interaction between surfactants and enzymes by fluorescence probe, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 49 Aswal, Physicochemical properties and microstructure formation of the surfactant mixtures of sodium N- 2- n-dodecylamino ethanoyl L-alaninate and SDS in aqueous solutions, Journal of Physical Chemistry B Q.

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Sarkar, Photoinduced electron transfer in a proteinsurfactant complex: Angelescu, Marilena Vasilescu, Georgios Staikos. Tabak, Small-angle X-ray scattering and electron paramagnetic resonance study of the interaction of bovine serum vaon with ionic surfactants, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science L.

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Order and packing in a nematic drop, Physical Review E 82 S. Kishore, Volumetric properties of amino acids and hen-egg white lysozyme in aqueous Triton X at Angelescu, Per Linse Monte Carlo simulations of flexible polyelectrolytes inside viral capsids with dodecahedral charge distribution Physical Review E75, 9. Kunieda, Wormlike micelles in mixed surfactant solutions, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science Y.


Aramaki, Effect of temperature ee the rheology of wormlike micelles in a mixed surfactant system, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 1.

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