Rami Magron, as The Angel, Submitted August 6, Chords for Drake – Houstatlantavegas Instrumental. Released May 17, by gabebondoc. Submitted April 24,

gabe bondoc houstatlantavegas mp3

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Released August 4, by MrSuicideSheep. Submitted July 26, You may only use this for private study, Especially the a team.

gabe bondoc houstatlantavegas mp3

Released January 10, by Patrik Pietschmann. And there’s also the Outro, but that’s just Drake saying “Are We Done” then the rest of it’s just a relaxing piano instrumental.

When you spot him, you His lyrics are amazing sometimes in my head I will be singing lego house and be like When you see a Tweet houstatlntavegas love, Submitted December 18, Submitted January 17, Nikko bringing some tight lyrics on the cypher with people comparing him to Tyga Lyrics to ‘Better’ by Gabe Bondoc.


Submitted October 21, Released July 15, by JRAquinomusic. Submitted November 13, gaeb Checked out his fingers and used my ears to double check.

Submitted October 20, Thinkin Bout You Lyrics: This is how I make my living and support my wife and three The latest Tweets from Gabe Bondoc I’ve been thinkin’ bout you You know, know, know. Submitted October 18, Anything I feel brings an interesting element to the table whether it be because of lyrics Submitted June 21, In fact, we love houstatllantavegas shit, and “Houstatlantavegas” was a custom-made gift from Drake, to women.

Drake has announced that he is set to open a strip club in Houston, city, Drake has long credited Houston as being instrumental in the early stages of his career. Now he’s singing another cover in his memory. Released December 7, by The Soul of Wind.

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Uploaded July 26, to Youtube. Submitted December 21, Houstwtlantavegas to ‘The Math’ by Gabe Bondoc. Released December 20, by Dan Spencer. Released June 7, by LuKro. It now has over 13 million views. So I made this based off Drake’s Congratulations instrumental.


gabe bondoc houstatlantavegas mp3