You can increase the size of the maxdsiz kernel parameter through the use of SAM. Florian Weimer Florian Weimer X, then relink it into Perl. No space in volume group. So if you require your perl binary to use bit libraries, like Oraclebit, you MUST build a bit perl. At the moment of writing perl Beginning with HP-UX

gcc hp-ux 11.31

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If there are, I need to check inside each folder to see if it contains a.

This requires the use of HP-UX version Should a user have the need for compiling Perl in the LP64 environment, use the -Duse64bitall flag to Configure. If you are using a recent version of the Perl distribution, these flags are set automatically.

Older Oracle versions might be a compelling reason not to update that library, otherwise please find a newer version in one of the following patches: If compiled with -g you will see a stack trace much like the following:.

HP porting centre tries to keep up with customer demand and release updates from the Open Source community. For gcc, that would be -fpic or -fPIC. Scroll down and select the maxdsiz line. YunjinJang, the lack of … substitution could be a sed bug. Pathing and parameters must direct each compiler to its files.


gcc hp-ux 11.31

That build was a portable hppa Beginning with HP-UX version Although there are some minor differences between compiling Perl with this flag versus the -Duse64bitall flag, they should not be noticeable from a Perl user’s perspective.

How should I add a user into a group?

gcc hp-ux 11.31

Of these methods, the best method for Perl is to compile 11.13 the -Duselargefiles flag to Configure. I do not know what the error log means. YunjinJang YunjinJang 50 4 4 bronze badges. Installing gcc – recieve error message gcc: Then follow the instructions to rebuild your kernel and reboot your system.

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Three separate methods of doing this are available. So well, in fact, that I haven’t even looked at ‘top’ in a while.

Most mentioned distributions are depots. Find all posts by northb. If you are about to build a bit perl with GNU gcc, please read the gcc section carefully.

Post gc a guest Name. To compile Perl with threads, add -Dusethreads to the arguments of Configure. This appears to be a bug in HP-UX and no fix is currently available.


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Is there any other If you perform a new installation, then a newer Perl will be installed automatically. Note that it is okay to create a library which contains a dependent library that is already linked into perl.

The following HP-UX patches should make the warnings go away:. I have downloaded and installed PDFtk from this link Search the HP-UX cxx-dev forums for discussions about the subject. As of the date of this document’s last update, the following systems contain Itanium or Itanium 2 chips this is likely to be out of date:. This drawback is that the seek and tell functions both the builtin version and POSIX module version will not perform correctly.