Become a Partner Provide your customers with award-winning solutions. From Version 10 to When the host port interconnects are enabled, port 0 on each controller is cross-connected to port1 on the other controller. E-LTU is an electronic license, and used where the electronic delivery method is requested. Dashboard – A single location to view the distribution of all your resources across the Serviceguard environment that helps you view, understand and also navigate to specific entities. Fibre Channel host bus adapters.

hp serviceguard for linux

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HP Serviceguard

To recycle your product, please go to: Applications can be configured to fail over to multiple nodes to minimize impact on the surviving nodes.

This information product disassembly instructions is posted on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise web site at: Information on this program is available at Additional applications can be supported through simple custom shell scripts developed in-house via scripting or through the configuration capability of Serviceguard Manager or through HPE Consulting. HPE Serviceguard for Linux supports key virtual machine offerings on ProLiant server platforms to ensure the utmost availability and flexibility for application environments.

From Version serviceeguard to For more information on these services, see http: Enhanced GUI Single cluster management. Packages can be moved automatically when Serviceguard detects a failure in a resource, or manually in order to perform system maintenance or upgrades.


hp serviceguard for linux

Failover from one NIC to another prevents a package, or the entire system, from failing over to another system. Ensure that the connection with each node is independent of the cluster heartbeat connection so that both are not likely to fail at the same time.

Overview, Product Highlights, and Technical Specifications sections were updated. You can prepare now to take advantage of the cost and control benefits of Linux more servicegiard.

H4C12S HP Serviceguard on Linux

Serviceguard for Linux SGLX ensures 24×7 application availability by packaging an application or service with its associated resources, and moving that package to other servers as needed. By connecting, you will receive linuux, pre-failure alerts, automatic call logging, and automatic parts dispatch. The electronic delivery method includes software download. Maintain highest levels of quality service.

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The content in this document was completely revised for this announcement. Specifications For more information For more information regarding this solution, go to: To learn more about HP’s other high availability products and solutions, please visit: The only warranties for Hewlett Packard Enterprise products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.


The content in this document was completely revised. At For cluster management, Serviceguard Manager is used to configure, administer, and monitor a Serviceguard cluster running on Linux. The Quorum Service and clustered nodes may be serviceguxrd different subnets.

hp serviceguard for linux

From Version 12 to KVM as a package. From Version 29 to Data replication continuous access CA links.

Improve TCO with flexibility provided in the selection of resources for both primary and secondary sites. Flexible disaster recovery across sites that are several kilometers apart.

An Introduction to Stratos: Changes made within What’s New and Models. From Version 44 to From Version 8 to 9. HP 3 year 24×7 x86 2P Software Support.

HPE Serviceguard for Linux Please contact your HPE Storage representative for the latest firmware revision for switch connectivity support on Linux.