To set the position of a newly generated element, it can be manually placed by clicking on the symbol and positioning it at the desired location in the chart while holding the mouse-button. The output display at the bottom of the screen will then indicate if there are any warnings or if the process model runs smoothly without any errors. By double-clicking on a warning report in the output display the symbol, which is the source of the error, will be highlighted. No special characters are allowed to be used in this field. To implement a link with iGrafx the following parameters have to be entered:

igrafx process 2013

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Except where otherwise noted, content on procdss wiki is licensed under the following license: In this case, the new lane will be added beneath the existing pool. If no task is assigned to an activity, the name of the activity will also appear as the name of the task. These kind of real-time error checks are automatically proces during the modelling stage.

At a later stage the user will receive access to a related selection via a pop-up window. Automatic formatting of transitions. Subprocesses have to be saved in their own separate file!

This option will assign positions of hierarchy within the chart. Adding links between already existing elements. How to create a model. In the upper left-hand corner of the activity symbol a small envelope-icon will appear to indicate that the mail node has been activated.


One attribute is assigned to the final state: Kgrafx an address as a point of destination in the internet or intranet has to be entered. Click on any of the black squares and redraw the selected element to be the desired size by holding pressed the left mouse-button. Attributes have to be cared for in order to ensure that activities are properly executed in TIM. Variable 1 had only read access so it did not change in the main process image detail 1.

For example, it is not possible to connect two starting events in BPMN-format. Error messages, together with related short descriptions, are shown in the output display at the bottom of the screen: To enter TIM Properties, double-click on an activity. These e-mails may entail messages to contact external individuals and groups as well as participants of the process and relevant decision makers. A pop-up window opens in which the task can be edited.

igrafx process 2013

Elements can be positioned within the chart at free will. Select the element for which the size should be changed.

Igrafx process 2013 for six sigma

Certain attributes of the starting element of a process need special attention to ensure that pocess process model will be properly executed by TIM.


The starting point is the graphic modeling interface with the standard settings including lane 1 and lane 2 as well as the starting event. In addition, special characters are not allowed.

igrafx process 2013

Also, black squares representing pivot points appear. Select the option Current Process and click on the button OK to start checking for any errors.

A shortened name for the task has to be entered in the field Name which will later be used in messages. Links may be igracx while creating a task for an activity.

Elementary attributes which determine the functionality of each element of the process may be assigned. These have to be connected by using transitions as described above in an earlier section.

By double-clicking on the activity, the property menu is opened and the tab BPMN guide is selected. Redundancies should be avoided and parallel sections of subprocesses should be consolidated.

Igrafx process for six sigma download

Afterwards, the main process is resumed. Readaccess value of Variable 2 is Read and Writeaccess.

Elements can be given unambiguous labels.