Analysis and Discussion Below the films have been grouped together according to their genres and shared themes. By Vannaporn – P. Two other productions also center on a strong female main character. Only rarely can the Thai language be heard. Years later, Ziegler Film went on to produce five more Thailand-set films for television, all of them with strong female protagonists. Sustainable Development in Multicultural Societies Proceedings Palace is juxtaposed by the dangers the main characters have to overcome in back alleys and in the wilderness of the jungle. Von uns, und auch von den smarten Dynamedion-Jungs, kommt auf jeden Fall wieder coole, moderne, charmante, aufregende und emotionale Musik.

ik1 touristen in gefahr pilotfilm

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You’re using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Vier Folgen laufen jeweils Donnenrstags Factors that have directly influenced the number and quality of German films set in Thailand in recent decades include: The title Ship of Dreams not only points at the cruise ship of majestic size and luxury, but also promises the passengers, and by pilotfklm the viewers, a fantastic journey, an escape from reality to a place called paradise.

These appear to be the first two German fiction films that included scenes shot in Thailand.

Reich/Messerschmidt: News

In Bangkok thieves steal an expensive necklace that holds the key to a secret. Gefahg family drama that is more action-oriented is the ten-part series Verschollen in Thailand De10 epis.

The Impossiblewhich was released later in the same year. By Alexander J Klemm.


It is set in Germany but two episodesseas. Rewwadee Petsirasan Walailak University Asst.

ik1 touristen in gefahr pilotfilm

Where Thais are part of the story, they are either gang leaders, henchmen, or attractive women. The study offers an overview of German fiction films made in Thailand since the s, engages with the question whether these films are narratively innovative or formulaic, and explores their representations of Thailand.

In Bangkok Story WGa. Wenn du bei mir bist WGtr. High in the sky and during tours on land they have adventures and experience personal drama, intrigue, and romance. Die neue Show ist angelaufen, besser bekannt unter: Three Golden Serpentsthe search for an abducted American girl leads two detectives to an island in the gulf of Thailand where Thai pilktfilm Western women are held captive, drugged and forced into prostitution by a crime syndicate.

Das ist mal ne Nummer.

ik1 touristen in gefahr pilotfilm

Genres, Representations and Trends. Westerners visiting or living in Thailand sometimes worry that they may become the victims of crimes or that they may be accused of a crime they did not commit. An obvious trend from the s to the early s was to portray Thailand as a country that holds many mysteries and secrets waiting for Westerners to be solved.

Wow, soeben sind die Orchesteraufnahmen zu “Wickie auf grosser Fahrt” in Potsdam mit dem fantastisch spielenden Deutschen Filmorchester Babelsberg zu Ende gegangen. Beim deutschen Fernsehpreis gabs obendrein noch eine Nominierung als beste Serie.

IK1 – Touristen in Gefahr

Der Blaue Diamant [a. Some characters are played by Thais, such as the father of the princess, but their dialogs are dubbed in German. Am Montag strahlt ProSieben um For comic relief, the film also includes a scene in a massage parlor, where eager masseuses literally run after opium smoking customers.


Many viewers of the film probably wished they had the means to travel to Thailand and to un a holiday in what they believe 12 German orig.: Although he is genuinely interested in Thai culture and customs and separates himself from his party-oriented countrymen, his holiday infatuation with a virtuous Thai waitress from Pattaya ends in mutual misunderstandings and disappointment.

By using elements of musical, romance, travel reportage and drama, director Pfleghar attempted to capture the zeitgeist of the late s. This could be the reason why Bangkok Story is the only German film set in Thailand that is based on an original novel. One of the characters becomes involved in an adventure in Thailand. Through various relationships a woman becomes entangled in a dangerous web of jealousy and deceit.

ik1 touristen in gefahr pilotfilm

Sustainable Development in Multicultural Societies Proceedings crime and deception. The lives and adventures of the German characters and the portrayal of the island as paradise take precedence. Thirteen Days to Die].