So, I did some digging on your twitter. Monday 26 August Wednesday 17 July Thursday 9 May Wednesday 3 July

jayaire woods too long

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Tuesday 23 July Saturday 27 April Thursday 4 July Woods had been writing poetry since he was in the 1st grade, but he never expressed his thoughts and passion for music outside of his jayairee head until 2 short months ago.

jayaire woods too long

I think its music full-time. Friday 17 May Sunday 11 August I had way less expectations for this. Wednesday 14 August Thursday 8 August Doods school something you still want to get involved with at all, or is it music full-time? View all similar artists. And then I played it for my sisters, they both ended up crying.

‎Jayaire Woods on Apple Music

Thursday 18 April Do you know a YouTube video for this track? If you could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose and why?


Monday 23 September Sunday 9 June Thursday 25 July Monday 5 August And thanks for really touching on the depth of the song, and how it impacted you and those around you…. Monday 16 September Tuesday 9 July Thursday 16 May Sunday 4 August That is one infectious record, man.

Jayaire Woods

From The Album Play album. Friday 26 April Scrobbling is when Last.

jayaire woods too long

Do you know any background info about this artist? Friday 23 August Friday 7 June Friday 28 June I did some snooping and it seems like trees42morrow may be the title?

So around sophomore year I started to take things really serious. What was the vibe with that one?

jayaire woods too long

I want to write books, movies, work on scripts, song-write, and buy a lot of land and appoint as many people in my life to jobs as possible.