Subbaiah, Kamal Haasan and M. Soundararajan in Tamil and P. Balachandar ; the film was produced by Annamalai—Arunachalam under the production company Bama films. The film was based on a play by the director. Balachander, [3] and dealt with the issue of “babies getting swapped”. The film was produced by Annamalai—Arunachalam under the production company Bama films.

kanna nalama songs

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Cinematography was handled by S. He dug deep sngs understanding Sanatana Dharma, wrote his series of books on Sanatana Dharma titled Arthamulla Indhu Matham, he was born in the village of Sirukoodalpatti, near Karaikudi.

kanna nalama songs

Balachandar ; the film was produced by Annamalai—Arunachalam under the production company Bama films. V split up with Ramamoorthy in and under M.

Kanna Nalama

The film stars Jaishankar, Ravichandran and Vanisri in the lead roles. Jayalalithaa was cast as Vimala, unlike the play where the same character was only referenced without being physically portrayed; the nalaja was the only collaboration between Balachander. It was simultaneously filmed in Tamil as Bama Vijayam, despite being released more than a year after that.

kanna nalama songs

Balachander s Tamil-language film stubs. The film had musical score by K. Sethuan orphan is a patient, playing pranks on the other hospital patients, the nurse in-charge and the doctors.


Chandrakanth is sorry for Mohan’s plight. Kamal with daughters Shruti left and Akshara right. Sons is a Indian Tamil-language comedy-drama film, directed by K.

kanna nalama songs

Susheela went on to become one of the most successful playback singers of south India from sobgs Primarily a theatre actor, he also worked in over films, mainly in Tamil cinema. The story revolves around one man who got married to two women. She is considered as one of the rich voiced singers whose pronunciation of the syllables to be more clear and precise in any of the languages she sang.

Balachander and inspired by the film Desperate Hoursit was adapted by him into a film with the same name.

Karmeka Mukhilada – Kanna Nalama

He was an admirer of Kambarwrote a number of poems praising Kambar’s artistry, contrary to the satire on the same by C. Ramachandran named it his favourite Diwali release of the year because “it blazes a new trail in screen entertainment”, while calling nalam better than the original play. The film stars Nagesh, Sreekanth, R.

Naanal film Naanal is a Indian Tamil-language comedy-drama filmdirected by K. Her duets with the acclaimed singers Ghantasala in Telugu, T.

From Wikipedia, the free sonbs. Susheela’s blockbuster Kannada song “Viraha novu nooru taraha” for the film Edakallu Guddada Mele is listed as one of the top 10 evergreen songs in Indian cinema, her combination with actress Jayanthi is popular in Karnataka.


Janaki named the film as among her personal favourites. Lakshmi Neerkumizhi marked the directorial debut of K. Naangu Suvargal is a Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by K.

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Kannadasan Kannadasan pronunciation was an Indian poet and lyricistheralded as one of the greatest and most important lyricists in India. The music was composed by M. Lakshmi as Lakshmi Shobha K. It stars Nagesh along with R. The film stars R. Subbaiah, Kamal Haasan and M. After a lot of introspectionhe decided to convert back to Sanatana Dharma, he renamed himself as Kannadasan, meaning the servant of Lord Sri Krishnaas he had become a Vaishnava Hindu.

He was popularly known as Mellisai Mannar. Mohan is amused and fascinated by Chandrakanth’s virtues and how he manages to live though he is blind.