Here Sakiko doesn’t totally change the tune. Great piece of work and I’d like to see she performs it. I heard this album for awhile ago and of course I’m excited. She won the tournament btw. But hey, I don’t mind because it’s just sooooooo good. Doing Debussy’s Little Shepperd. Los Angeles, CA Oshimen:

kokyuu suru piano

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kokyuu suru piano

A theme song from their Cup Noodle advertisement. But since she’s the Master Matsui, she’s doing a great job. Proses Deposit dan Withdraw hanya dalam 2 menit. Dec 5, Oshimen: A lovely rendition of my favorite summer song.

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This time, she did it again. Tersedia Juga berbagai Promo menarik: Do you already have an account?

kokyuu suru piano

This time she goes with Piano Sonata no. A classical-tune with a laid-back melody.

Your name or email address: Another total remake she loves to drastically change the Sousenkyo single, eh? Kokyuu Suru Piano begins with this song.


That combined with timpani, tambourine, maracas, and haunting background vocal, producing a mysterious and overall dark tune. THIS what I called a total remake.

~~♪Everyday AKB48♫~~: Inuzuka Asana and Matsui Sakiko!

Randy Setiadi March 24, at Hearing this piece, you can feel she’s sudu enjoying this work. I think Sakiko puts a lot emotion too while playing it. Doing Debussy’s Little Shepperd. The improvisation continues to the end where she goes, like “hitting ALL the keys in piano!!!

Nov 1, Location: AKB48Matsui Sakikoreview.

The rendition continues with a song about hairstyle. Now I hope an orchestra album comes out. Apr 20, Location: But hey, I don’t mind because it’s just sooooooo good.

[Matsui Sakiko 1st Piano Album] 呼吸するピアノ – Kokyuu Suru Piano

Dec 17, Location: A Solid Album from Master Matsui. I’ve never been fond of classical music but I love the intro of Ponytail to Shushu and her performance in the Yoyogi concert is one of my favorite moments so, if she’s performing versions of AKB songs, that might be worth listening surru. I’ve deathlooped this track so much, I can hum it from memory I hope for her piano album to include that piano instrumental at the end of Manatsu no Sounds Good!


In this track, Sakiko decides to play the supporting part while sometimes shows her skill like in 1: Zhu Zhu September 24, at 6: You must log in or sign up to reply here. May 1, Location: Please read the state of the forum here and support if you can!