Everyone here knows them. Projects including Cunningham’s celebrity basketball tournaments, it continues, “have been focused on bringing jobs and economic vitality to the City of St. According to county police, on the evening of October 8, , cops pulled over a car for speeding at Lucas-Hunt Road and Natural Bridge Road, only to find Williams shot in the back seat. Cousins, meanwhile, was fired following an internal affairs investigation mainly focused on another incident, though his dismissal was overturned in by the city’s Civil Service Commission. After everything he’s been through, he’s still standing. Are you going to hunt down ISIS? The members also inhabited dangerous neighborhoods; one of them, called Relly Rell, would soon be sentenced to ten years for second-degree murder.

la4ss new mixtape

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Balmain long-sleeved black T-shirt with zippers on the sides. Don’t expect comic relief or syrupy odes to girlfriends in his songs; he’s percent serious, focused on life and death in the streets.

Notable rappers killed in recent years include City Stylez, a rising star shot dead in Baden in September Louis American in Rap royalty seemed ready to crown him the next big thing.

Though it’s a rousing singalong with a lw4ss that’s been seen nearly two million times, something about it is downright terrifying: Cousins and a police sergeant began yelling at each other, but Harris was allowed to perform.

The manager set him up in a South Beach apartment of his own, along with Harris’ close friend Dominick “Boosie” Chambly. He began making music in earnest around age sixteen, finding unexpected success after performing a verse posted to a friend’s Instagram.


Mixtape: La4ss – Hood Hottest Youngin (@La4ss)

Known for street rhymes paired with melodic hooks, like LA4SS, the group’s musical talents developed absent any formal training. Still, a massive portion of the crowd has arrived specifically for LA4SS, if the amount of festooned swag is any indication — from tees shouting out his slain brother to LA4SS headbands.

He blew the roof off of Chaifetz Arena last month, and major labels are circling. One of his mentees — 3 Problems member Swagg Huncho — was murdered execution-style just a few months later. These videos lead to actual killings. You’re going to have people who hate you, just because of what you’re doing. He was pronounced dead at the scene. For reasons that remain unclear Harris wasn’t arrested for the incident until four months later, when he was about to go on stage at the Washington Avenue club Lux.

Instead, it’s an unflinching expression of the deep suffering many residents north of Delmar know so well. He’d just turned eighteen and returned to St. Featuring a slow, minor-key beat from St. Travel will unlock your mindset.

Mixtape: La4ss – Hood Hottest Youngin (@La4ss)

Today one member of the group is dead; another is doing time for second-degree murder. It’s shocking, but it makes sense considering that, demographically speaking, young black men are the most frequent homicide victims and perpetrators in St.


Harris’ music doesn’t glorify black violence for the entertainment of white audiences, a charge often levied against gangsta rap. Cousins, meanwhile, was fired following an internal affairs investigation mainly focused on another incident, though his dismissal was overturned in by the city’s Civil Service Commission.

la4ss new mixtape

According to statistics compiled by the St. The fire marshal is not going to be happy. Diddy, Drake and many, many more. Though he’s spoken with this reporter in the past, he declined to be interviewed for this piece.

la4ss new mixtape

They’re turnt tonight at Chaifetz Arena for State lw4ss Emergency 5, all 5, of them — not a packed house, but loud. Harris subsequently plunged further into darkness. Harris — he can rap about it.

LA4SS Could Be St. Louis’ Biggest Rapper in a Generation — If He Survives

We dropped the first song, and it just got a buzz from there. Cunningham has worn many hats over the years. In JulyHarris was again charged with resisting arrest; the case will be adjudicated later this month. The city of St. It’s a name as cryptic as Harris’ own story, one he doesn’t like la4ws talk about.