I wish I can talk more about that show, but you can only do so in forums. Double caution when searching the video — the official music video for the song has a lot of nudity and weirdness in it. Stay inspired with my weekly blog digest and get the motivation you need to turn your dreams into reality Exactly Where I Need to Be: Tags pop songwriter pop urban pop Vancouver.

laurell unbreakable

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Words are powerful things. It is like my heart and mind were numb.

Music is the language of the spirit. Streaming and Download help.

Unbreakable Lyrics & Chords By Laurell

Thanks for the song suggestions! This is all so hard and beautiful at the same time.

And when I am alone and full of fear I just remember the rising sun always appears Everyday miracles that I see Well they take me back to Exactly where I need to be.

What started out as opportunities for escapism and for soaking up the learning have evolved into opportunities for me to sort of cheer others on. Just remember that love is always right there for us unbreakablw access when we need it. The healing was so necessary and so important in getting to know myself.

laurell unbreakable

Taking a breather on last weeks video shoot with weareflightschool thinking about how curious I am to know about you. Fruit EP by Sharky. People are going through stuff that sometimes takes years to resolve or unbgeakable.


It is totally one of my most played songs now.

Our line of vision is powerful! I have amazing lifelong friends who have walked with me through these seasons, and I am attracting such incredible souls toward me now – I uunbreakable so blessed!

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laurell unbreakable

Even tho I wanted to fit in, my true self emerged. The UK act Sharky writes drifting, dreamlike songs that stretch gentle, upper-register vocals over a bed of gurgling synths. Word of caution to anyone who decides they want to look for this one on iTunes or YouTube: Music is my lifesaver and has always been. Since discovering your site and your writing, You seem to get stronger, more powerful, and more motivating. Recent Tweets Tweets by VibeShifting. Stoked to be a part of this tune with my super cool Canadian homies weareflightschool!!!

These songs have reminded me of some really important truths, and I know there are others out there right now who are going through their own stuff, so I thought these might be helpful for you, too. But different types of counselling and even yoga really helped me sit with my truths and accept them.

UNBREAKABLE – Laurell (released ) by laurellmusic | laurell | Free Listening on SoundCloud

When she walked upon the water like an angel I was taken over by the sights and the sounds From above coming down there was love We were happier than ever It was so good me But I am stronger than anything out there.


It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife. The day I started chasing my dreams without fear is the day I became my best self.

Just the start frazer my love. Star Trek everything-you-can-think-of, Big Bang Theory, beaker mugs, Doctor Who… it was like the site was designed with me and my dad in mind. Choose from 12 gorgeous designs.

laurellmusic | laurell | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Clap your hands everybody Clap your hands Come on, keep it going Clap your hands everybody Clap your hands everybody Clap your hand Lets do it ,you ready? To think I was in despair and crying all laurelo time for so, so, so long some time ago and wasted years being in that state. Marie Fjeltsted’s latest art-pop creation is forward-thinking but accessible, intimate but luxuriously detailed.