Chivarao May 28, , 3: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Highlight Sessions and then click it. That meant I had to re-enable password authentication for the first connection so that I could get on to ultimately dump the public key to a file. Anyone else notice that the Motorola q c cannot even download this? Useful for you us vim fans out there, and those of us who use set -o vi in bash. Well, hi, I got a BB curve but when I run the aplication and then go to the session option, there is nothing!!!


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MidpSSH – SSH client for mobile phones

Marc, Thanks for the update- this is mdpssh helpful. I’d like to encourage people to contribute to the Documentation Wiki. Thank you for the tutorial. Our Unix servers are behind the firewall and can only be accessed within the company network or with VPN or Citrix.

I recommend everyone tries the latest development release first. I was hoping that this would allow me to access internal hosts, as traffic such as web browsing can access internal hosts, and have to hit midpesh Proxy to browse outside the company. You can grab it at bbssh.



In my example I used the ps command with the aux options. After you import them they are available for use in setting up connections. Works great on my Curve … Thx for this awesome tut my friend.

MidpSSH – SSH client for mobile phones | OTLand

When we are connected we can run a macro and quickly disconnect. Steve Kamerman July 23,5: Joel August 6,3: Andres August 22,5: LOL Julia, I look forward to your immediate response. All Falcon Series with Java i, i, i9, i, etc.


Paul January 21,8: I have installed it as advised however it keeps giving me a error when I try to connect. I installed it on my LG C and works pretty good.

What are some openly available sites I can ssh into to test this out? I have tried everything as far as screen size goes. The public key can be set to ON.

If the screen is too large the text just goes off the screen. For phones with large screens can be useful to modify the settings to Landscape orientation, the text will then be displayed side up.


BlackBerry SSH Tutorial: Connect to Unix Server using MidpSSH for Mobile Devices

At last I could connect to my server using midpssh in my blackberry curve with movistar Venezuela mobile operator. MidpSSH will now attempt to connect to your host. From the blackberry browser, nidpssh to http: This tutorial will guide you through setting up and using MidpSSH, an open source free SSH and telnet client for Java-capable cellphones and other mobile devices.

Alex July 9,6: Cannot open socket connection on port Useful for you us vim fans out there, and those of us who use set -o vi in bash.

Guntur December 24,7: For CurveBold etc: Thanks to skilo47 for finding midpseh testing MidpSSH. Dusty Edwards August 28,5: Sources and all information about OpenSSH are available here: