The bomb that Sips and Sjin set off ended up affecting just Sips and Sjin’s base and the mountain behind it as well as killing themselves and ridgedog several times , but could have wiped out the entire map on the server. This is eased slightly after they plant a Tree of Transformation. Lampshaded by Lewis in The Curse of Sunny Springs, after skipping past two sacrifices and not knowing the other two map co-ordinates to progress. If theybhsd just looked in their inventories, they would have found the copper they needed. Sips and Sjin steadfastly fail to learn anything from the Red Matter incident.

minecraft yogscast shadow of israphel texture pack

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He tries to ride it, but it keeps throwing him off. Sjin and Lewis both freak out when they realise that taint is not far away from their land, and that without a high level of Thaumcraft skill it won’t be easy to contain, let alone remove.

Yogscast xephos texture pack

Sjin, once again, spews out information at a surprising speed. Also, I heard on the grapevine that Notch was adding a sky dimension. In one video, Simon shows off his world which has the YoGbox compilation mod pack installed and meets a pink dolphin.

Introductions names, little bit of background information, etc. First was Terrorvale, a small, out-of-the-way town with only three NPCs and a couple quests built on top of a vast cave system.

Yuriofwind Pqck 23, at 3: Well I assume it’s more than one person on there. Bears Are Bad News: The Red Matter incident was primarily triggered by the shortage of copper combined with Sips and Sjin wanting to mine in bulk rather by hand. Quite the opposite, I fear. You Can’t Fight Fate: Sips is still stuck on Mars. That Sips, always blowing people up, not that I would ever do anything like that. They didn’t even roll with the usual closing theme, instead just having extra ominous music play through the whole moment and then fade to silence.


Someone will usually turn up for the week to cover for the absentee in this case. Postyou should be able to just load both packs using the resource pack manager. Despite all having common goals to work on and very pressing survival issues, the various members have to furiously fight minecrafy get themselves elected, then need to struggle with what little materials they have for such a large group.

Sphax PureBDCraft is a comic book inspired texture pack with a bright and cheerful feel. Sjin’s choice of building materials for the house is hardly fancy, but he’s still made a decent and cool house with what he used.

While not strictly ‘evil’, per se, ruthless businessman Strife seems to draw the line at Blood Magic and is obviously only going along with it because Parv’s involved. We got it all wrong! Ridge’s base was filled with a lot more stuff than he had any reasonable excuse to have without having spawned stuff in, after busting open his bunker the main cast begin to loot what isrzphel can, and then he winds up losing it all when his failsafe blows his base to hell.

minecraft yogscast shadow of israphel texture pack

Then was the Skyhold, home to the Skylords and new location of the Carnivale. At one point discussed by Sjin, who wants to plant several mandrakes around the borders of the farm, with a sign saying “Don’t farm our precious mandrakes”.


You know the rulesssss and ssssso do I! You’re like Jean-Luc Picard doing Shakespeare. The “Ender Lilies” seeds that Sjin finds produce an Ender Pearl upon harvesting, but take an entire week to grow and nothing seems to speed them up. Ends up being ditched again by the Yogscast duo because they couldn’t figure out texturs proper way to solve the final puzzle, but somehow manages to get out of the puzzle anyway, Hand Wave ‘d in a parody animation in the beginning of one of the next episodes.

minecraft yogscast shadow of israphel texture pack

Textjre pretty much does the same job anyway. One of the signature catch lines you will hear as you listen to the Yogpod put together by Simon Honeydew and Lewis Xephos of the Yogscast. Here is where he died. Will’s apparent past in blood magic.

What Minecraft texture pack does the Yogscast use for Shadow of Israphel?

Was the Xbox Kinect ever required for a game that didn’t suck? Trott ends up annoying Strippin and harassing him with false bureaucratic jargon.

Surprisingly averted in Week 6, in which no mayor was elected and the group mostly managed to make a good amount of progress, in spite of them having no specific instructions.