Saturday 4 May Friday 13 September The Uncollective I thought you’d be afraid I knew you’d lose it all Just like the ones before you did Another one You made it easier to hate you, hate you You have glorified all fear To manifest a cause Betrayal from the ones that you know All corrupt No one is listening Until you stop You stop Acting like gods I can’t see outside the night I won’t be inside this fight What are you here for? Monday 5 August Wednesday 8 May Friday 10 May

monuments the uncollective

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monuments the uncollective

Sunday 16 June Tuesday 27 August Wednesday 10 April Friday 27 September Of living lifeless like this uncollecitve Step out from the known Present me With a new way of thinking And a new way of living What are you here for? Tuesday 10 September Monday 9 September Tuesday 16 July Monday 6 May And what will become of the day, its do or die, Sick and tired of living lies There is no living in this… View full lyrics.


Scrobbling unocllective when Last.

monuments the uncollective

Wednesday 26 June Monday 29 July Why must you test me now? Wednesday 14 August Monday 12 August Wednesday 24 April Oh when th they cease to protect individual rights forever we need They’re breaking us up from inside This is the day, this is the day we all die.

Friday 21 June Sunday 14 April And we openly know were we belong Justice will prevail as the regimes fall Nothings ever been this clear, no one needs to feel alone and change is set to seed but we need to take this new form. Thursday 18 July We indulge ourselves like pigs So I’ll eat away the state and force every man to break and take a good look at itself and tge in the name of humanity in the name of liberty in the name of no god [Chorus: Monday 23 September Tuesday 13 August Friday 20 September Thanks to marki for correcting track 5 lyrics.


Tuesday 6 August Monday 22 April Sunday 1 September Saturday 4 May Should we all go back home, Count down the hours till it all goes to hell?

Friday 13 September Thursday 19 September Friday 30 August Sunday 30 June Sunday 31 March