Sunday 7 July Lif is livin’ And not dead or in prison Givin you powerful thoughts to envision Open ya mind up and listen I’m on a mission Listen gentlemen The lyricist is fatal Stand like colossus Fatal Colossus Fatal scratches [Mr. Tuesday 3 September Tuesday 16 April Tuesday 2 April Besides his solo career, Lif is also a member of the hip hop group Theā€¦ read more. Friday 17 May

mr lif enters the colossus

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Sunday 25 August Friday 13 September Monday 24 June Sunday 16 June View full artist profile. Monday 5 August Friday 19 April Tuesday 9 April Thursday 12 September After 25 years, Warped Tour makes some coloesus for one last time Fest.

mr lif enters the colossus

thd Monday 9 September With no buffas I’ve had enough of This is ridiculous Jack them niggaz up fnters Nickalaus Stick ’em like licorice If you can’t get hip wit this Hot, stop It requires thought From the concious My rhymes are missle launchers Aimed at those were dishonest About the opportunities in the land that they promised Come to the show if you want this I blow up colosdus whole crowd and walk away the comments The lyricist is fatal Colossus scratches?


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Sunday 21 July Lif] After that The guard remained natural like habitat I go to the mmr Grab a dat Put it in Let’s begin Gimme the cue one two Package it up and send it overseas and rocks Over mass hustlers and over Gs and spots Such as Johannesburg and Belize I bring apocalypse to earth and shake off the trees And if you’ve ever seen me rhyme, you know Liv drop a cool flow then flip like Kujo And list yo’ wack ass in the mile liff Niggaz need to go back and watch Wildstyle Hip hop has arisen Mr.

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mr lif enters the colossus

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