I’m sorry, I thought you said you didn’t have caching Hostgator enabled this caching on the 2nd of Feb, as two other users had caching issues start on that day and were bot on Hostgator too. Owner and operator of Creators Wave. Get Involved We’re a free and open source project run by volunteers, so contributions from the community keep us going! I recommend switching to an unmanged vps provider and setting up your own webserver and all. These releases fix bugs and small errors in MyBB. Website Find Reply labrocca Gone Posts:

mybb 1.8.6

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Versions – MyBB

RC2 22 February Release Candidate 2. MyBB’s built-in template and theme editor gives you complete control over your forum’s design. Participate in private conversations with several registered users at a time.

MyBB’s friendly community will help you get your community started. I feel this hack is due to URL injection.

Security Vulnerabilities Addressed (5)

View a Printable Version. MyBB latest available version is 1. I’m currently rebuilding a new website on a new web server with MyBB 1. At this point I knew the website was hacked. Extendable Hundreds of plugins and themes make adding new features or a new look easy.


This release is to ensure that all users of MyBB Merge 1. Upgrading is not as immediately necessary with simple maintenance releases as it is with security vulnerability patches, but it is recommended and encouraged to upgrade as soon as it is convenient.

Usually these will have new features and changes to the database schema, and therefore may break existing forum customizations, such as themes and plugins.

Problem after update to MyBB (from )

Support for MyBB 1. Simple to Use MyBB offers an extensive range of features in an intuitive interface.

Would you please verify this? Minor releases are produced as necessary in between major releases. What are you waiting for?

Discussion software that brings communities together.

Some pages on my website remained the exact same after editing code. 1.86, I’ve been using MyBB for a few years now.

There are plenty of reasons to use MyBB, but these are some of our favorites. In our cbox chat room for the website the hacker started to tease and taunt of his success, he spoke Chinese with the username “DiamondKevin”.

mybb 1.8.6

This release .18.6 5 security vulnerabilities and 51 reported issues causing incorrect functionality of MyBB. After that time no support will be provided for MyBB 1.


mybb 1.8.6

These patches usually will not contain new features, but are usually crucial to the security or functionality of your forum. I didn’t have much plugins either, in fact, I only had the “MyProtection” plugin.

Thank you Mybb Group. This sounds like your host caches pages aggressively. Software Engineer specializing 1.86. Crystal Program Development.

Therefore, what is the purpose of including this directory?

mybb 1.8.6

To upgrade, follow the Upgrading process. Thank you for your thoughts Matt, it was indeed a shared host. Sometimes, when I logged in, it was displaying another username than my own, when I tried to log out, it gave me an error saying “javascript” is affecting the logout.

No templates have been changed or added. There are no database schema changes in this version. There are quite a lot of themes for MyBB 1.