The reason why you want to know what the mapper is so that you can know what the bank size select that is loaded into memory. Also note that I have noticed a problem with this utility when trying to extract 8K banks from a ROM. Set and reset the write breakpoint during times of the tune playing. Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. Zoids – Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai.


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Garfield – A Week of Garfield. This is the basic methods and I’m sure that others can expand on it. Sun Apr 26, Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. Takeshi no Sengoku Fuuunji.


Reading the docs I saw pretty much all that, yet your explanation has helped me understand the nes2msf I read a bit more. Some of them would be too difficult for a begginner to rip, unless you learn fast.


Once again, read the docs that are out there. MMC4 uses 8K banks. Tamura Koushou Mahjong Seminar. Hanafuda Yuukyouden-Nagarebana Oryuu Hacker.

I didn’t even know it was possible to automate NSF ripping No registered users and 2 guests. Soccer League – Winner’s Cup. Transformers – The Head Nes2jsf. I’ve been trying the different options, all to no avail. I Am Teacher Mario no Sweater.

NES Developement Hacking

Hit this a couple of times. Keep hitting run to see where the snaps are.


Educational Nss2nsf R. Fisher-Price – Firehouse Rescue. This will tell you where the bulk of the sound code is. Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.


Previous topic Next topic. You can have anywhere from or more areas that write to this register, or only in the play code. It was a typo. Thu Apr 16, Minnano Taabouno Nakayoshi Daisakusen. Baseball ’91 Kaimaku Hen. Make sure you take note of these and write them down on Notepad or nws2nsf. Users browsing this forum: Also, you’ll need to figure out your own way for ripping like we have.



Ultraman Club – Kaijuu Dai Kessen!! Mon Apr 27, Thanks for the correction. Tiny Toon Adventures – Cartoon Workshop. I do suggest that you figure out what the mapper of the game is and do bes2nsf real time debugging in an emulator to get a feel for the game.