Please click here to access the calculators. For a visual illustration of this click here The y-value in the SAP is a factor to estimate the heat loss at junctions in new dwellings. It can be used as a standalone software application, allowing users to calculate U-values for different wall, floor and roof constructions. Barney12 Lots of information missing from the linked spreadsheet, it barely scratches the surface of the required input data!! The ability to add your own materials and save for future use, in calculations.

nher u value calculator

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I am sure something will change reduce the PV on the roof for example but it is a good starting point.

NHER U-value Calculator software and downloads ()

They are a free tool, no need of registration or download, you will need only to have installed Silverlight plugin in you browser freely available from Microsoft. You get a professional looking file for building control.

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Giving a Fabric Energy Efficiency of: Marketplace Risk Solutions Members Login. The lower the y-value, the less heat is lost.

nher u value calculator

Examining the example below: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Valud calculation of U-Values is vital to ensure you are meeting building regulation standards at minimal build cost. Go To Topic Listing.


Difficult j say if the numbers are making sense without knowing the raw input data in detail. Alternatively, and less commonly used, the SAP calculation can consider each thermal bridge individually, where a detail specific coefficient is multiplied by the length of the junction to produce the linear thermal loss. Personaly I value my professional reputation, status and accreditation too much to risk this course of action.

Create personalised reports documents.

nher u value calculator

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Please contact Elmhurst if you are unsure of the standards required.

U-Value Calculator Software

Welcome to the Kingspan Insulation U-value calculator. It is this third item that Numerical Thermal Modelling addresses. The ability to create your own template U-Value calculations. The ability to use pre-defined templates, reflecting BRE defined standard construction templates for your own calculations.

The resultant figure is added into the heat loss which becomes Fill out our short contact form below if you would like to find out more about valus information displayed on this page.


The ability to add your own materials and save for future use, in calculations.

Posted November 24, In SAP where details of the thermal bridges are unknown a default y-values 0. A broad and organised materials database.

Technical – Y Values

Here are some key points: Is anyone aware of a software that calculates U-values of typical construction software which is available free calculatro Natural Resources Canada at. Unless you are very good with Excel and understand the complexities of SAP in great depth I wouldn’t bother compiling my own spreadsheet!!

nher u value calculator

The other two heat transfer ‘paths’ through the building envelope are the solar radiation through windows and convection which is the nhre carried by intentional air flows ventilation or unintentional air leakages.

Edited November 23, by le-cerveau changed windoww mm to m. The TER was I fell across this online: Real-time results displayed as changes are made. These are a measure of the total heat loss expected from all of the thermal bridge losses in all of the junctions in the house.