In this way the users of KNC can know that the alpha emission is not from the ground state of Rn and can have higher energy than the Q-value of ground state to ground state decay. However, the most recent feeds are shown directly on the Networking page. The mission of Nucleonica is to become the leading interent resource in the nuclear sciences. Dear Nucleonica Team, To import. Dear Nucleonica Team, I have always wondered what the criteria are to show the metastable state of a nuclide on the chart. Obtaining nuclear data is an international activity with new and updated data constantly being determined by thousands of scientists at major research centres worldwide. This question is only relevant if at least the parent nuclide or one of its daughter nuclides decays by spontaneous fission.


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For spontaneous fission only the total branching ratio for all fission products is given. In addition, spectral data from the nucleonida table of isotopes [6] can be selected for comparison and for library creation for gamma spectroscopy. For users logged into the Nucleonica Portal, the context sensitive Help in Nucleonica will lead the user to the corresponding page in the wiki. News aggregation services, in which web-crawlers are used to “crawl” newspapers and deliver news to a web browser, are attracting considerable attention.

Normand 1A. The data used in the calculations are taken from international datafiles see fig.

You can also see this is more detail in the datasheets. To nuccleonica the most important key data more accessible to a nuucleonica audience, nuclide charts have been developed. Clearly different applications use more or less data generally retrieved from the underlying databases. Are all states shown that are above that threshold? This 2-day course focused mainly on the Nucleonica core applications with emphasis on Case Studies.


Dear Nucleonica Team, I have always wondered what the criteria are to show the metastable state of a nuclide on the chart.


Fission yield data from the main international datafiles. My assumption would be that for a number of mean free paths of 0 the buildup factor would be 1.

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Whereas the Nucleonica portal requires registration to access its applications and data pages, the wiki is an “open” knowledge resource.

More info… Nuclide Mixtures wiki page. Core topics range from the history of radioactivity, nuclide charts, the Karlsruhe nuclide chart [18], radiation protection and health physics through to the storage and transportation of radioactive materials.


The company founder and CEO is Dr. A highlight in was the launch of the new 10th Edition of the Karlsruhe Nucleonicq Chart in early In the Decay Tree tab, this nuclide can be highlighted. Is there an arbitrary threshold just below that number where you show the state on the chart if it is above?

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In addition Nucleonica offers a range of introductory and advanced training courses in various areas of nuclear science. Note also that the high energy gammas are included only in the JEFF3. New publication on the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart May 27th, mucleonica Unusual Concepts of Nuclear Power Reactors.

This question is nufleonica relevant if at least the parent nuclide or one of its daughter nuclides decays by spontaneous fission. The first guess would be the half life of the state.


Thus, it is possible to navigate through all documents by the category and subcategory tree feature of the Wiki.

Detailed information on buildup and attenuation in a large number of shield materials is provided. Because of the large amounts of data generated and the formats used to store these data, the field of nuclear data is highly specialised.

How do I reference Nucleonica in Scientific Publications

This page contains a collection of articles and is used specifically to support the Nucleonica applications and nuclear data pages. To support the nuclear science applications in Nucleonica, the database is further complemented by a variety of data supplied by various sources:.


Additional data are also provided on dose coefficients ICRP 68 and 72photon attenuation and buildup factors, exemption and clearance levels, activity limits for package classification for radioactive transports. Moreover, the platform is particularly suitable for education and training of young scientists, engineers and technicians in the nuclear domain by supporting nuclear skills agendas through creation, sharing and dissemination of practical tools and skills modules.

In some particular cases when the metastable state has an important role in a nuckeonica chain or in nuclear physics theory, it is presented even it decays only with isomeric transition and has a half-life shorter than 1s.