Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Read more about Omnicast on our resource hub. It’s important to note that there is no option that provides multiple camera exporting in a single executable. In the Archive Player, the same playback and export functions are provided once the video is loaded into the viewing area. The Live Viewer application will present an alarm pane for associated events at the bottom of the interface, similar to many other system. How Artificial Intelligence and analytics enhance security and performance. How to clean registry featured.

omnicast software video player for windows

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Device managers are important tools in adding multiple cameras to a project.

Playee extension g64 is related to a video file format used by various security cameras to store captured video data. Stratocast is designed to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses who are looking for a high-end and extremely reliable video security solution without the costs and complexities typically associated with installing and managing on-premise surveillance systems.

Omnicast: Next-generation IP video surveillance system | Genetec

With a guaranteed uninterrupted service Considerations and best practices for migrating to an IP-based access control system Download. Unmatched video network visibility with March Networks Insight. With federated systems, the foreign’ server will enable the user. By understanding where pedestrians and vehicles dwell, walk, cross or even violate traffic laws, the campus can inform construction projects and traffic optimisation.

omnicast software video player for windows

Every video surveillance camera project is going to have its ups and downs. Instead of actively monitoring video feeds, law enforcement can assess triggered alerts and decide how to respond. Wisenet X series Plus cameras have sottware detachable camera module that utilise magnets to lock into the housing for instant configuration.


We mention key features in this section and explain them later in the review.

Working smarter with video

For instance, the police department runs a Genetec Omnicast system. Get a common operating picture by navigating between multiple sites and monitoring all your entities on a single interface.

A camera, for example, when offline will be red in the structure tree on the left side of the interface. Empower your operatorsOperators can intuitively generate reports, monitor remote and local cameras, and track cardholders and assets with the single click of a mouse button on a workstation, from a touch screen, or even a mobile device. Genetec implements a ‘failover mechanism’ for redundant servers – this can be applied to the Directory and Gateway, Archiver, Virtual Matrix and Metadata Engine.

Testing Genetec’s Omnicast Video Management Software

The security market is growing and changing rapidly. Similarly, the traffic visualisations and activity heatmaps derived from the video of major transit hubs, such as omnivast airports and central stations, can be beneficial for increasing security, enhancing situational awareness, identifying causes of congestion, improving throughput and efficiency and, ultimately, solving these inefficiencies to provide a streamlined customer experience for travellers.

Model code Omnicast 4. Video surveillance data Video analysis empowers cities to harness their video surveillance data as operational intelligence for optimising city management and infrastructure.

Asynchronous playback can provide flexibility in reviewing recent events while still monitoring live streams. With an installation file of over one gigabyte huge file to install the server and client software, this download can take majority of the setup time.


The support for HTTPS is available with all Axis cameras and encoders, fifth generation Sony cameras, and the Genetec extension when supported by the partner. Masked Video Player Players. Federation TM is one of Genetec’s more interesting yet confusing features. TPA chooses Omnicast video surveillance to enhance passenger safety from landside to airside while ensuring long-term investment protection. Enter any file extension without dot e.

When video data is aggregated over time, it can be visualised into dashboards, heatmaps and reports, so operators can identify patterns and more seamlessly detect anomalous behaviour.

omnicast software video player for windows

The following are key advantages that would favor selection of Omnicast. Making camera adjustments in the field is also now easier and perhaps even safer. Consult the list of features sofhware system capabilities for each package below to find out which package is best for you. Law enforcement relies on video surveillance infrastructure for extracting investigation evidence and monitoring people and spaces. This new feature allows for increased recording reliability, bandwidth usage optimization by only transferring video of interest at the right time, and the opportunity to lower costs of remote-site recording by going serverless.

Here are some of the latest features of version 5.