They invested in hard and software. As a newbie he has been great help as well. Hi once you have it install can you check in the channel list under adult streaming channels to see if they are working ok. I think have inspected all the support files associated with it but it is possible that some files are located in weird locations and my edits to the key file are not the one being used. Cobra should be applauded for his amazing work. Now what would you like, an original product or a product from a criminal? Cobra, thanks for the instructions that you PM’d, followed them to the letter and now working great with full functionality on my dn clone.

openpli 2.1 dm800 clone

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I’m trying to install this image, first time ever flashing image. Finally up and running with this iamge. Also new features like power board blue panel for installing add-ons,easy formatting drives installing cams ,backing up keys settings to hard drive or USB and lots more things. Yes, I did follow the read me instructions.

Everyone will get the image for free. It simply isn’t possible to support all kind of unknown hardware. I hope this answers your questions.

DM HD SIM2 OE Clone Images

Sure, will try-always eager to test new images for my clone. I downloaded it last night and flashed my dm clones and it hang on the loading enigma screen. Now to fix this download the attached file and add it into the ondemand plugin folder to do this.


openpli 2.1 dm800 clone

I followed the instructions last night and now everything works sweet. Will give this any try tonight, but this time, will use a Windows machine to prepare the USB device.

openpli 2.1 dm800 clone

Just some will get it before others. Cobra looks like they have removed file. I never changed the password so that will still be the same buddy. And play video YouTube pictures music from your device to your dreambox. Iemand moet het tenslotte doen. Is there a fix for this? Hey, Can you please tell me how I add iptv streams clome this image?

Originally Posted by Detlef. Als ik alles al wist hoefde ik ook niets te vragen.

DM Clone Patched Images Sim ssl #84 – Page 27 – DM Images

Thanks in advance and greetings from Valencia, Spain hi it will if you add the driver for the chip ab don’t see it that hard to do that Cobra I get to the very end. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.

openpli 2.1 dm800 clone

We have no problem with free and we all give up a lot of our time to the forum, but at no time have any of us asked for a donation whether it be for a good cause or not. Hi everyone all going well should be released this weekend to all the lucky PEPOLE who donated a pm will go out to all you guys thanks.


I will sort it and send it back to you then just transfer it back to box. Hi guys, when I try and download plugins I keep getting the following error: I had the same problem using the standard windows zip interface, use 7 Zip or winrar and then make new folders on your C drive – hd and usb.

OpenPLI images for dm800 clones

However clones are everywhere. Pr2 clobe Dec I have mediaportal 4. Many thanks for that Echelon. This is what I did – 1.

This bar would showup clonw the top of the screen, does anyone know how I can restore this. This work will commence at One thing i noticed again when you set the autobouquet region and let it do its thing the adult streaming, radio and below generated by autobouquet disappears as stated previously