Nestler makes his guitar bleed for you. Adelitas Way Gallery August 3, Skillet Gallery February 25, F [9 out of 10]. Holy Grail Gallery May 2,

philm harmonic 2012

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Harmoonic by guitarist and vocalist Gerry Nestler of Civil Defiance one might expect Philm to be a progressive and abstract metal outfit. Collaborations where the principals hail from different ends of the musical spectrum usually lack common ground, making their output little more than a curiosity. Previous Post Previous Retrospective: Harmonic is, simply put, an eclectic and unexpected joy for the ears. From First to Worst, All… July 27, Holy Grail Gallery May 2, The drums are unquestionably positioned as the star and as a result, Harmonic feels much more like a jam session crossed with a vanity project than a genuine album.

Philm – Harmonic ‘2012

Nestler makes his guitar bleed for you. Sick Puppies Gallery February 25, Bobaflex Gallery July 14, Held in Light Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


philm harmonic 2012

The New Breed of Female Metal: By Metascore By user score. Saint Vitus — Lillie: Log in to finish rating Harmonic.

PHILM: Harmonic | New Music Review | Grateful Web

Best Thrash Metal Drummers February 11, They hold their own with the noisy, angular and often bluesy rock found on Harmonic. Philm have divined something new and essential by sifting through the past and unearthing fertile new ground from which to grow, while eschewing the detritus of trendy expectations. Ill Nino Gallery July 14, Part 2 March 13, DevilDriver Gallery April 30, Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

The Disconnect Between Musicians and Promoters: All three members have made equal contributions to the music, and as a result, combine to create a very cohesive sound, putting forth the unmistakable chemistry and harmony that makes this trio so unique.

Making the Most of Every Opportunity August 3, phillm In fact, the album recreates the Philm vibe so perfectly that it sounds almost like an extended Philm set rather than a studio recording. From then on, the album flows beautifully from one song into another, engulfing the listener into it completely.


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Harmonic by Philm Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

The open-minded will find that Harmonic is a journey well worth making. The Studio Solo Albums, … February 28, While fans of these musicians’ individual projects might not find what they expect on the album, Harmonic will reward anyone brave enough to wade into unfamiliar waters to discover something they probably haven’t heard anywhere else.

Skillet Gallery February 25, Philm — Harmonic Ipecac Release Date: Titanic Rising – Weyes Blood.

philm harmonic 2012

Jimmy Lee – Raphael Saadiq. Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest – Bill Callahan.