Tom Noonan as Cain. Leeza Gibbons as Jess Perkins. Sign Up Already have an account? Galyn Gorg as Angie. You know, it’s corny stretches like that which probably drove Irvin Kershner to, upon completing this film, sit back and think, “Man, what am I doing with my directorial abilities?

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Clinton Austin Shirley as Jimmy Murphy. More Top Movies Trailers. Roger Aaron Brown as Whittaker.

robocop 2014 dvdrip ita

Unfortunately something goes wrong with the new Robocop and it goes nuts. He bailed out of that part of the film business, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because he knew what people were going to always remember about him as a filmmaker. Angie Bolling as Ellen Murphy.

robocop 2014 dvdrip ita

Lila Finn as Old Woman. Altogether, the film is nothing new, but it is plenty cheesy, and even then, it sometimes takes itself too seriously to keep consistent with tone, just as it’s too overlong to keep consistent with focus, making it harder to deny the inconsequentiality which secures the final product as underwhelming, but lively scripting, charismatic performances, flashy effects, solid action and entertaining direction make “RoboCop 2” a fun, worthy follow-up to a classic, if also flawed action thriller.


More so than the predecessor, this film ought to feel inconsequential as an action fluff piece, and more often than not, it iga just that, but it sometimes incorporates dramatic touches which are noble, yet leave the film to take itself too seriously, at least enough to drive inconsistency in tone, and stress the limitations of the rohocop concept.

But if you enjoy ‘s action films then you might enjoy this movie.

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Clocking in just shy of two hours, and therefore being longer than roboop predecessor, this film, to be so inconsequential, is too long, and when it isn’t bloated with totally expendable filler, it’s taking on ultimately expendable layers which lead to certain 2104 inconsistencies and wear down momentum to aimlessness, despite all of the predictability.

Gage Tarrant as Hooker. Jun 24, Rating: You may later unsubscribe. Man, you know that they got him this gig because he’s used to working with men they had to turn into cyborgs in order to make him a stronger figure of authority. Jan 1, Full Review…. Feb 18, Rating: Robert DoQui as Sgt. Jerry Nelson as Darren Thomas.


Wayne Dehart as Vendor. Gary Bullock as Hack Doctor. John Doolittle as Schenk. Mark Rolston as Stef.

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James McQueens as Dr. With its desensitizing blood lust, RoboCop 2 contributes yet another ugly note to this already demoralizing season of sadism. Michael Medeiros as Catzo. Jeff McCarthy as Holzgang.

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Ed Geldhart as Electronic Store Owner. RoboCop wished that it ended with his hand getting blown off, and I’d imagine a couple of people wish the same thing, because they were running enough risks for stupidity with just one “RoboCop” movie.

Bill Bolender as Cabbie. It’s the thought fvdrip counts. Rehashes the satiric and character-based concerns of its superior predecessor. Gone is the heart of the first film with its mini-tragedy of a man trapped in a machine.