You’ll then need a little work-a-round to make halo accept it, the code’s below if you’re interested works on pc, assume the same for ce. Due to popular demand, I have written a new patcher, this supports Halo CE 1. The player can then use all the tools made for the older halo version 1. However we do not recommend that you link to individual files because they may be updated or replaced without notice. This was made using netframe work 3. Also hopefully fixed the occasional crash. Board index Logout [ Google [Bot] ].

sightjacker halo pc 1.09

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Also, it won’t work in multiplayer either. Hello everybody, in this topic I will post useful tools for Halo Custom Edition 1.

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It seems that you care. With this, you can fly around maps and observe its beauty from an alternate standpoint. The left side of the window is for fov and the right is for thirdperson. You can configure the settings and parameters to your own liking in the extra’s tab.


sightjacker halo pc 1.09

Sep 11, HaloCE3. Mar 6, lucasgovatos. Once loaded in the background you will need AllDev loaded as well.

Dec 4, This program allows you to start all versions of Halo: Try to use it in Multiplayer first. A Halo Maps Website. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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Yes, it works on any version of halo. This program is free for anyone to use or distribute. Due to popular demand, I have written a new patcher, this supports Halo CE 1. I’ve used devmode on custom edition, never bothered on PC. Does anyone know why?

Steam Linking is here!

Stats Console This program is great to track your scores This will allow you to connect to servers that run a different version. Currently works with version 1. To change a key for a certain command, just click the box and press a new key.


All you need to do is go to your profile settings and go to ‘Change Name’. A small utility to edit the Halo CE game Types – can be used to fix the time problem.

Just put them in a directory named “Halolauncher” which has to be in the halo directory. Also with some more directions. Cleaned it up a bit.

sightjacker halo pc 1.09

Addresses on what to override for Halo CE and Fri Jun 25, Once the status bar displays Success you can use the hotkeys set to use the new features.

You can choose your own color in the extra’s tab.

Users browsing this forum: Yes, here it is. Just solved the problem. Currently the meta consists of around unique cd keys both legal and illigal.