Then again, people who visit The Snappening subreddit have asked for very particular images, in either a creepy stalker way or, who knows? One Redditor mocked what Grover had characterized as his good intentions when he had talked to Mashable. Common sense or self-preservation, say. You are commenting using your WordPress. No, there were others out there who wanted to actually punish Grover for depriving everybody of the chance to gawk at private images.

snappening 13gb

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Snappdning a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Few quick masturbation vids. According to a Reddit user4, of the pictures are associated with Snapchat usernames; a list of those, with the corresponding number of snaps they sent, was also published online.

snappening 13gb

Ad of the Day. It seems the threat was real, however. But the mocking Redditor wanted the blame squarely put back on whoever downloaded the unsafe third-party service — SnapSaved.

What happened to the days of trying to learn so you can write the next cool game for the C64?

The days of trying to learn have been replaced with the days of learning. Snapchat was quick to point out that its servers had not been hacked, and that the origin of the files was a third-party app that allowed people to save pictures.

By Ishbel Macleod – 13 October Reddit and 4chan moderators are actively deleting links to the photos, which is keeping them harder to find that the hacked celebrity nude photos.


98, Hacked Snapchat Photos and Videos Posted Online

Get The Drum Newsletter Build your marketing knowledge by choosing from daily news bulletins or a weekly znappening. The Drum articles suggested by Helping publishers increase engagement, improve monetization and drive new audiences. Snaplening Sunday, a collection of almost 98, files totaling more than 13GB of photos and videosapparently from Snapchat users, were posted to The Pirate Bay less than 24 hours after someone claiming to be perpetrator said he had changed his mind and decided not to publish the photos.

The hacker does not have sufficient information to live up to his claims. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. Snapchat grew to popularity for its use of self-deleting pictures: Dont want to download the 13 GB which may contain CP, but am wondering if anyone that has dowloaded it, can check up her pics for me?

98,000 Hacked Snapchat Photos and Videos Posted Online

At this stage, there are very few credible sources of information; most is coming from anonymous users. Free tools Sophos Home for Windows 13bg Mac. Others are urging people not to spread the link. Rumors that a massive collection of private Snapchat pictures and videos had been hacked surfaced on Friday, with claims on 4chan that the data would be posted online. The site allowed users to save and access their snaps online, without the sender’s knowledge and circumventing Snapchat’s “instant deletion” feature, according to Ars Technica.


My purpose was that people should see how vulnerable hosting private information on cloud can be, I do not intend anything wrong. Video Everything you need to know: Remember, even before the days ofyou had guys hanging out on obscure telephone loops with their cassette recorders recording supposedly private conversations snappenint the trunk lines, then playing them back for laughs to others on the loop.

It’s so painfully mundane. Notify me of new comments via email.

snappening 13gb

Besides discussing the theft of what is reportedly nearly 98, Snapchat images, Redditors also visit the Snappening subreddit to try to get links to the collection.

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snappening 13gb

While similar apps still exist, Snapsaved. The Snappening pictures have leaked, but those downloading could fall foul of child pornography laws. The photos were not leaked through Snapchat itself, but rather through a third party site called Snapshaved. While the original site no longer exists, it still has a Facebook page. The administrator of the page admitted on Saturday that his site had indeed been hacked.

There are many similar apps still available.