Sociolotron 2 has been in development for some time now, and it has gone through many changes since it was first conceived. Keep in mind, this is demo to give you an impression of how Socio2 will look like, behave and so on, nothing more. Also, don’t take anything in the demo for final! The mouse wheel zooms the camera. First of all, don’t assume you can play a game right away This demo only shows the 3D routines as far as I have them now. Although this is small compared to the real world or even a real country, we will be able to have several cities in the world, surrounded by hunting grounds for adventures, yes this time with animals , and a lot of space to establish your succubus empire.

sociolotron 2

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Hold the right mousebutton down to move the camera around.

sociolotron 2

They decay after 10 seconds. Select your opponent by doubleclicking him and answer the confirmation dialog with yes.

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The mouse wheel zooms the camera. What you have are hills, water and ground textures representing the terrain type. Keep in mind, this is demo to give you an impression of how Socio2 will look like, behave and socioloton on, nothing more.

sociolotron 2

Well that was just a little side note: If it contains a line like Mon Mar 03 All in all I think you can get an impression of how it will look.


It combines the two areas of 3D programming I have worked on for the past few months, that is character skeletal animation and morphing and the landscape.

sociolotron 2

Just talk to your friends in yahoo sociiolotron elsewhere and organize a meeting there. July There is a new client server demo available. I know some of you are bored in Socio1 but I’m doing all I can here to make a new game.

After 5 minutes of inactivity your character is teleported to a random location socillotron prevent lag for others. As you can see the face can morph, right now only to one morphtarget but there will be a lot more, for phonemes and for emotions.

Most of the info on this page is for a vision of the game that isn’t being developed, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Be polite and move away from that point so that others wont get too much lag!

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Later we may add swimming or underwater vehicles. It contains an ssociolotron for DX9, which most of you can skip, and for the Visual C 8 runtime library, which should be installed. Yes, it’s finally here Today I release the announced demo to you. Lose your Sociolotron Password?

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The 24 at the bottom are your regular stuff and the ones around the character represent equipped objects like soviolotron or cloths.

I have developed the animation system myself, all the tools and converters that are needed for the graphic pipeline, I have developed the server system, the landscape and a lot of other things. In order to create some items hit F3 and the following window appears You can select one of the letter buttons and then sociolotrin an item based on its description.


You’re sociolotrln fight mode. The same is true for the water, which cost a lot of CPU cycles. To turn fight mode off, open the dialog and click Attack Mode again. Also keep another thing in mind: With Alt-F4 you can close the demo.

You must be over 21 to play. Have fun and I hope you like it There is a new online demo avilable.

Any old sociolotron players here please?

All critical information should be independently verified. Of course sociolottron will be fast transportations so you won’t socioootron to walk for two hours to go to the PM ball Another point: Game elements that enable you to eliminate monsters yes we DO have monster bashing alsoadult game elements that enable you to blackmail your fellow players, eliminate them, live out your darkest fantasies, and even establish a lasting dynasty. Besides the optical problems there are of course others.