It would allow kids and people that would never normally have access to the technology usually required to make animated movies. Aside from roleplaying, how else do you expect players to use this tech in-game? Within EverQuest 2, the Live Driver software essentially performs detailed measurements of the player’s facial expression on every image captured from their webcam. SOEmote is really easy to use. Our software tracks 64 points and makes around expression measurements per frame, for over 5, measurements per second. It should be noted that your actual image never gets transmitted at all. Sort of like a live TV broadcast.

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We’re enabling it with some basic ideas of how it will be used, but with the intent to sit back and watch how players use it.

Combine these two elements and you can have a community of players talking while their character’s lips move in time with their speech. We’d be remiss not to mention, however, that our demo utilized SOE’s servers in nearby San Diego, so your mileage my vary as all of the processing is done on Sony’s side.

Humans are very good at discerning even the tiniest differences in facial expression at much greater distances than you can imagine. Of course, it’s far easier to voice chat than to type in a text pane, but that ease-of-use improvement had a high consequence. The resulting data is only used to provide animation values and then it’s discarded.


SOEmote allows you to have that level of communication within a virtual world. It then takes this data – a smile, a raised eyebrow, a head seomote – and applies it to a player’s online avatar as it’s recorded. Everquest’s director of development, David Georgeson, demonstrates just how smoothly SOEmote works in the video below. What proportion of text chat will this replace? Sega Genesis Mini review for non-nostalgic newcomers.

But the potential is tremendous. The more we soekote, the more we realized we spemote need a close-up window at all. Immersion is a fantastic thing and we’re pushing it hard here at SOE. The best part of all? But is SOEmote designed to be useful in combat? Human communication is all about face and body language.

Do you think this tech could or should be used in all games, or is it peculiarly useful in EQ2 for some reason? Once people get used to being anonymous in-game again, they start really stretching their faces and voices to push the limits of the siemote, and that’s funny stuff.

Its like that old comedy where the monk asks the trainee “what is the sound of one hand clapping? Aside from that, the software currently has some trouble separating thick glasses from eyebrows, but according to EII’s Director of Development, David Georgesonthis quirk should be smoothed out by the time it releases.

SOEmote tracks our face, transplants our expressions onto an Everquest II persona (faces-on)

First gas molecules from an interstellar comet detected. SOEmote is, of course, a fantastic roleplaying tool. Once players revealed their real voices to each other, it suddenly started feeling awkward to pretend to be a big gruff troll or a high elf princess… and roleplay took a serious nosedive.


I think this is a awesome idea that has been a long time in coming.

Sony’s SOEmote transposes facial expressions and voice onto your online avatar

Join us past the break for more details and a hands-on faces-on video demo of it in action. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr. Arcade Coder challenges kids to design games. Daishi June 4, SOEmote is really easy to use.

One advantage of the technology that powers SOEmote is that it provides anonymity to the players. At that point, your character’s face returns to its normal neutral pose.

And then be that character instead of just being yourself.

SOEmote implants your facial expressions, movement, and voice onto your EQ2 avatar | PC Gamer

SOEmote lets you do that in a fashion that you’ve never experienced before. Has this technology been used in anything I might recognize? How useful will this really be, especially in combat?