CSV files one for each Windows event logs and a bunch of files with extension. Changing the maxfilesize parameter value controls the rollover file size for the profiler traces. Examine the extracted files. This is an option that is used for long term data collection. The PAL tool can be used to analyze the Perfmon counters collected in a.

sqldiag sql server 2008

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In case you have any feedback, please feel free to provide the same on the discussion forum for the tool on Codeplex. Change the machine name to the appropriate machine name.

sqldiag sql server 2008

Notice that capturing detailed traces can introduce significant overheads on the server. The XML configuration file is case-sensitive, so be careful while enabling or disabling specific data collectors. This is a pre-requisite for SQLNexus. November 2, at Once the analysis is complete, PAL reports will open up automatically in a browser window. BLG, one or more trace files with extension.

After you have started the data collection, you should monitor the size of the trace files to see how fast they are growing and if you have sufficient disk space available on the drive or not.

Allow the tool to run for the duration of the performance problems, while SQLDiag captures the diagnostic data. Click here to download the appropriate eql files to run SQLDiag.


The other option that you have now that you have a GUI is to using Diag Manager to configure a new package for your target machine and click sqll Save. Consider a scenario where you are troubleshooting CPU spikes that occur everyday on your server between 2: The SQLDiag utility is capable of collecting the following sets of diagnostic information.

SQL Server version 11 is not supported by this version of the collector. You should see one or more Perfmon counter 2008 with extension. December 1, at 2: Click Next on serger Welcome screen.

SQLDIAG | TroubleshootingSQL

All output data files are captured inside this folder. A remote SQL server instance will work okay as well, but I would recommend using a local instance if possible. XML configuration file that you are using put the server name and instance name as follows:.

All it needs to run are the files inside the extracted folder. The answer is — it depends!

How to use SQLDiag, SQLNexus and PAL tools to analyze performance issues in SQL Server

As you may have noticed, some initial efforts are required, such as configuring your own custom configuration file, to capture meaningful performance data with the SQLDiag utility. Additionally, SQLDiag can be configured to collect custom data such as the output of a. The parameter is incorrect.


The PAL tool can be used to analyze the Perfmon counters collected in a. November 27, at Extract the contents of the zipped file in a folder. Changing the instance name from which the data needs to be collected: As the names suggest, the other two configuration files are meant for trace replay purposes if you want to simulate production workload in your test system and if you are interested in capturing detailed traces statement level events. MDW provides a set of inbuilt reports that enables you to go back in time, select a particular time frame and analyze performance data only for the selected timeframe.

Blog post talking about the release: Download and install the PAL tool from here.

sqldiag sql server 2008

Additionally, the tool lets you add pre-configured custom diagnostics for Analysis Services configuration data, Mirroring configuration, Event log collection etc. Change the i nstance name value to the appropriate SQL Server instance name. This is an option that is used for long term data collection.