Basically, Harry Haller is having a massive mid-life crisis. Even more important to me is his reference to the “Glasperlenspiel”. Is anyone else slightly unsettled by Hesse’s criticism of ‘primitive people’ and people of African heritage? Load 3 more questions. She awakens his bodily corporeal aspect. He invented her in his psyche to save his life.

stepski vuk hermann hesse

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That’s why she makes him promise to kill her. I know that we have to read texts in their contexts but I was wondering if anyone has read enough about Hesse or knows enough about his life and opinions to comment on whether these remarks are of little weight or if Hesse engaged with contemporary racist intellectual dialogues?

I took two things away from this book. She awakens his bodily corporeal aspect.

Hermann Hesse Stepski Vuk Quotes

Walking in memory, here symbolized by the real doors, in the heswe then expressed poetically and then thought out in Glasperlenspiel! Is Hermine a figment of Harry Haller’s imagination? Am I the only one who thinks this story originally had a different ending.

Peter This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ It could be that there are occult underpinnings to the naming conventions used by Hesse in Steppenwolf and JKR in Harry Potter. This is one of my favourite books. My argument is that Hermine is imagined by Harry because of his psychological Freudian need.


Here are a few words to the Steppenwolf if it is allowed: Maybe a more modern book would be easier to begin with too in terms of language but give this one a try for sure!

Load 3 more questions.

stepski vuk hermann hesse

Hermnan anyone else slightly unsettled by Hesse’s criticism of ‘primitive people’ and people of African heritage? Which is the best English translation of Steppenwolf?

stepski vuk hermann hesse

When we first meet Harry he is rational to the point of being suicidal. That is why she insists that he kill her, and at the end of the novel he completes the task because he no longer needs her as a psychological crutch. He’s gotten so out-of-balance and …more No, you didn’t miss the point. See Featured Authors Answering Questions.

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Seeing almost no negative reviews here, I start to wonder if I should give it another try. Even more important to sepski is his reference to the “Glasperlenspiel”.

stepski vuk hermann hesse

Not another Hesse novel I’ve read them all anyway but something also with this magical realism and also about a “mid-life crisis”. It confused many of Hesse’s most supportive fans and several very bad reviews were …more Steppenwolf was received poorly at its publication in Germany.

The name Hermine means something like ‘feminine half. He no longer needs her to survive. Peter Steppenwolf was received poorly at its publication in Germany. So Hermine shows up as his repressed unconscious and ehsse him to chill out and explore new possibilities for living. Can anyone recommend another book like this? You got it right. Naturally you’re going to need a dictionary, there were so many words I did not know but hey, it’s all about learning.


I’m about halfway through, and can’t help but notice the main characters are “Harry and Hermine”. I do like Hesse’s other works.

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I’m really curious to know if anyone has told this same story differently, maybe a more contemporary i. She brings Harry back into balance and back to sanity by getting him to try new things and see life from new angles.

To ask other readers questions about Stepski vukplease sign vu. He invented her in his psyche to save his life.

What I found was that it varied, some parts were relatively easy to read and some were harder, but it is most definitely doable.