Fixed crash when opening empty playlist. Multiview viewing methods do not work. Double buffering reduces jitter on multi core CPUs. Signed installer and executables. Improved error message if registration fails because player is not installed properly.

stereoscopic player 1.9.6

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Fixed several bugs, including a few RCW errors. In addition a splash screen is shown during startup, informing about the player’s tsereoscopic and license type. Thanks for your help HDA. Fixed access violation unaligned memory access.

Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here. Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. It works only on bit Windows. Setting the separation is still possible in the File Video Properties dialog, but the File Parallax menu provides equivalent functionality as well. Deselecting this option prevents that the mouse is setreoscopic shown while in full screen mode, which is useful for presentations.


Still export failed for ‘2D and Depth’ layouts. Fixed crash when using the -termkey or -termsc command line parameters. Previous DVD chapter nextitem: Fixed corrupted image when using the cropping and flipping features at the same time.

The compatibility issue with Windows XP, introduced in version 2.

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New menu items, including shortcuts, were added to select the preferred monoscopic and stereoscopic viewing method. In this case, deinterlacing is automatically enabled in the decoder and the internal deinterlacing is disabled. Removed categories in video library.

Z hotkeys to directly jump to playlist items beyond Playback of stegeoscopic files fails.

In addition, the audio output device can be chosen in case your computer has more than one built in audio output device e. On Windows XP, please use version 2. Added Flash splitter filter.

stereoscopic player 1.9.6

Fixed cursor in quad-buffered DirectX mode. Fixed wrong aspect ratio when rotating the input.


stereoscopic player 1.9.6

New retinal rivalry-free optimized anaglyph method. Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. Moved anaglyph and iZ3D viewing methods to submenus.

It may not contain the latest versions. Fixed issue with Play Folder button. Icons for video library items without preview image. Metadata file has stereosscopic priority than embedded metadata.

Added features to DMX console: Fixed splash screen hiding format dialog. Added default aspect ratio in format selection dialog. MediaLooks logo appears after a few minutes when playing mov files.