Those who love adventures, it’s a ‘must read’ for them. All by herself, in the darkness of a Himalayan Jungle, in the heart of the man-eater’s territory where the village folk would not dare to venture out beyond a mile from their houses during the day. Marine Life In India. Ravish Bhagwath Certified Buyer Jun, It’s about the game tiger which he did not want to kill but was insisted by a villager which had attacked and killed his cattle. These stories maintain, perhaps even supercede, the high standard of the earlier classic collection. It has a bearing on the story, since a mishap here resulted in Corbett losing hearing in one ear:

the temple tiger and more man eaters of kumaon

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Best of the lot are the two, “Temple Tiger” this is the story of an encounter with a T A gem in jungle literature This book is a must read for anyone interested in shikar stories.

On a day in early Januaryseven men and two boys were herding cattle on the outskirts of Thak village.

the temple tiger and more man eaters of kumaon

English Grammar Just for you English-Marathi. With this book and the others in the series, he has left a truly memorable legacy.

There are thrilling, chilling descriptions of everything from sitting up in a tree with a tiger scratching kkmaon the trunk below, to the frustrating—and dangerous—uncertainty brought on by mxn one ear deafened thanks to a gunshot.

Little bit of add ons in Before writing this review, I have been mulling over the options of whether I should review the books separately or together. A gem in jungle literature Six young male buffaloes procured from Tanakpur were tied out at various points near Thak village as bait for the man-eater for three nights before their arrival.


This is a really riveting book. The pace was very long in this one and less stories. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Have doubts regarding this product?

The Temple Tiger and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon

He had given and account of the man eaters as well as his hunting experiences without scaring the readers and also without repugnant grotesque explanations of the kills. Some weeks later two men from Tanakpur were using the same path while going to Kot Kindri. The author describes the surroundings and happenings and the environment in such a way that makes the reader feel as if he is involved in the situation!!

Respect to fellow human beings showed by the author is an example of his humility and quality of his character. This is the last book hte by Corbett and so book was sort of nostalgic experience documentation of his memorable encounters I believe.

There will never be another Jim Corbett and, despite his tendancy to make a great story even better, he should always be remembered for this book as well as the Corbett National Park.

These stories maintain, perhaps even supercede, the high standard of the earlier classic collection. No wonder Rupa publications ventured on republishing the book and thanks to them that I could add this fantabulous trio of books to my collection. This is extremely enjoyable to read, much jan than if he’d played at being overly humble or bragged up his own abilities.


The bag of gur caught in the eqters mouth as it went down the hillside, leaving the man unharmed.

the temple tiger and more man eaters of kumaon

Online and Digital Products. On all kills made by the man-eater one of the teeth had failed to penetrate the skin.

The Temple Tiger and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett

The tiger again appeared. Edward James “Jim” Corbett was a British hunter, turned conservationist, author and naturalist, famous for hunting a large number of man-eaters in India. A few days later, a buffalo that had been tied up at the lower end of the Suwar Gadh ravine was carried away.

His calm and straightforward modesty heightens the excitement and suspense of these experiences, in which he continuously risks his life to free the Indian tarai of dangerous man-eaters. I purchased this book after a recent trip to Uttrakhand and could actually associate myself with places I read about in the book. Relieved of his belongings the man sprinted towards the village. A thoroughly nice read.

The Temple Tiger and More Man-eaters of Kumaon

Delhi Third Edition Percival Spear. Academic Skip to main content. The books brings out the hunter-cum-conservationist’s acute understanding of the intricacies of jungles and that of the tigers. While sitting up over the kill, Waters noticed the tiger coming towards it with the help of the alarms of monkeys.

the temple tiger and more man eaters of kumaon