Streaming mode for ThinApp packages in Horizon is not yet available. Eliminate application conflicts by isolating applications from each other and the underlying OS into a single executable file that can be easily deployed to many endpoints, independently or with App Volumes. The data sent from the connector to the service is only a representation of what is in your Active Directory and ThinApp Repository. The traditional IT model of one application per server requires dedicated hardware for specific applications that cannot coexist, whether for technical reasons or concerns about data isolation. Every time the user launches the application, the ThinApp runtime communicates with the Horizon Agent to check entitlement.

vmware thinapp 4.7 virtualization packager

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Internet Explorer has stopped working This issue is observed on the Windows Server operating system. In virtualized Internet Explorer 6.

vmware thinapp 4.7 virtualization packager

Server Consolidation Enable multiple applications and “sandboxed” user-specific configuration data to reside safely on the same server. When you start virtualized applications for the first time, an access violation error message is displayed.

When you try to run the virtual version of Lotus Notes whose sandbox path is on a Novell share, the application fails with the following error message: Set up periodic transfer of information about Active Directory users and groups from the connector to the Horizon Service Set up Kerberos for single sign-on Specify the location of the ThinApp Repository and schedule synchronization between the connector and the Windows application share Figure The Horizon Agent has a number of important functions in the Horizon environment:.


On other browsers the redirection option might not work. The system cannot find the file specified. A single secure user ID serves for all applications. VMware ThinApp Blog Deliver and deploy applications more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively.

vmware thinapp 4.7 virtualization packager

Close Internet Options and the Internet Explorer. Virtualized Internet Explorer 7.

The Application Catalog in the Horizon User Portal The administrator can set applications to be activated automatically or by the user. What is special about Horizon deployment of ThinApp packages? VMware secures your data with encryption and multiple layers of authentication.

VMware ThinApp 4.7 – What’s new?

Virtual version of Eclipse might not recognize the system path and the system environment variable if the user modifies them. Later on, you can revisit your configurations with the connector web interface.

vmware thinapp 4.7 virtualization packager

The operating system cannot run. How do you enable a ThinApp package for Horizon?

Virtualize Applications with ThinApp and Streamline App Delivery and Management

Periodically checks with the Horizon Service for package entitlement information Downloads and registers entitled ThinApp packages to the user desktop Provides users with system-tray access to some Horizon application functions Populates the desktop VMware Horizon Applications folder with application shortcuts How is Horizon entitlement to ThinApp packages different from ThinApp Active Directory or VMware View entitlements?

Can you update current ThinApp packages to be managed by Horizon? The trial copy of Horizon Application Manager allows unlimited use for 90 days, with extended trials available.

With ThinApp, users don’t need to install software or device drivers and don’t need admin rights. Applications can run in restricted user accounts on locked-down PCs with no system changes and without reducing the security policy. From the home page of the user portal, users can launch any of the applications.


You configure the service through a web interface so that the connector can send information to the service about Active Directory users and groups, as well as about ThinApp packages.

For more information see Knowledge Base article Horizon Service Configuration for Communication with the Connector.

VMware ThinApp Release Notes

If you want to ensure that the ThinApp package will work properly when managed by Horizon, recapture and rebuild. Enable multiple applications and “sandboxed” user-specific configuration data to reside safely on the same server. Now, VMware gives you a platform where you can manage entitlement to and deployment of ThinApp packages in an environment designed for ThinApp success.

The Horizon Connector sends data to the Horizon Service in the cloud about users and groups in the Active Directory and about ThinApp packages in the repository. Application Virtualization with ThinApp ThinApp makes it easy to run legacy or incompatible apps in any environment.

To view release notes for prior releases, click one of the following links: Introduction to Application Virtualization Learn how you can deploy custom and commercial software across the enterprise without installation conflicts or system changes.