Monday 9 September Wednesday 5 June Saturday 6 July They were making all these beats, and I would just be there everyday to rap on each one of them. Friday 28 June I had to move around a lot when I was young, but when I think about it now, looking back it was the best thing for me really, just moving around a lot I learned more shit about people, and life. Thursday 5 September

zelooperz coon in the room

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Monday 29 April Wednesday 10 April Thursday 12 September Friday 20 September Monday 22 April Sunday 12 May Saturday 22 June You put out a tweet recently telling your followers to look out for some classical influences on the album.

zelooperz coon in the room

Outside Lands takes live music to a higher level Fest. Sunday 7 April Wednesday 26 June Thursday 9 May Wednesday 24 April I bet she is, how was it growing up in Detroit?


He plans on starting in a similar fashion, releasing an anticipated new full-length entitled Call Of The Wild. Sunday 31 March Friday 7 June By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. ZelooperZ Help plateau fukn tite. Thursday 26 September Thursday 16 May Saturday 27 April Wednesday 4 September Friday 23 August He has undeniable energy and charisma.


zelooperz coon in the room

That was cool as fuckā€¦Earl even bought a painting from me. Thursday 11 April A full length due in that feels like it needs to catch.

When do your best lyrics come to you? Scrobbling is when Last.

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The Joshes have only put out two tracks as Toom Pith to-date, which probably makes a national break-out prediction seem aggressive.

I just find inspiration and jam with it. Technically Tunde Olaniran is from Flint. Friday 19 July Wednesday 11 September Wednesday 8 May

zelooperz coon in the room